Packing Tips for Your Next Holiday

Packing Tips for Your Next Holiday

Going on holiday is always an exciting experience, but packing can be stressful, especially if you’re someone who can never decide what to take. If you want to avoid taking half of your wardrobe away with you this year, then these tips are exactly what you need. Avoid last-minute panicking for a smoother journey that you can fully enjoy. And don’t forget, UHC Travel insurance will have your back should the unthinkable happen and your luggage gets lost.


After lying out every item of clothing you want to take with you on holiday you can probably reduce your total by about a third. While it’s always a good idea to take a couple of extra pairs of underwear or socks, you don’t need double the amount you expect to use. It’s true that nobody wants to think about laundry on holiday, but if disaster did strike, you’d always be able to find a way to clean your clothes. So, pack sensibly and only take the items you’ll realistically wear.


You always want to have some space left in your suitcase for any souvenirs you buy while you’re away. The last thing you want is having to wear double layers back on the plane because that expensive handmade jumper wouldn’t squash between the four pairs of shoes you didn’t need to bring. You don’t want to have too much space, because this will mean your clothes will move around more and get creased, but your clothes shouldn’t be packed like sardines either.


Before you start packing make sure you have a list. You can start this list as soon as you book your flight and keep adding to it whenever something pops into your head. Whether you need to buy a new bottle of sun cream or dig out your flip flops from the attic, knowing what you need in advance will be a lifesaver.

Travel Bottles

Packing light isn’t just about the clothes you bring, but your toiletries too. It’s probably a good idea to bring a full-sized bottle of sun cream, but you definitely won’t get through 500ml of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Instead, decant your larger bottles into smaller travel-friendly containers. You might have these left over from sample-size products, but many shops sell reusable bottles that you can take with you year after year.

Maximise Hand Luggage

If you’re allowed to take hand luggage on your flight, make sure you make the most of it. Don’t just take a tiny bag that’s enough for your phone and purse. Instead, opt for a backpack that can store clothes on the way home should you need it to. You can keep your small bag folded up and take it out when you get to your destination. This will also cover you should you buy food or other duty-free products in the airport shops that you didn’t plan for. Most planes have limits on the number of shopping bags you can take on board so fitting them all in one can reduce tricky situations.