Coupons for good: 5 destinations you and your kids will love

Coupons for good: 5 destinations you and your kids will love

Lots of families choose vacation destinations based on what the kids will like. The next time you travel, pick a destination that both kids and parents will love. Plan activities for the family and set aside a little bit of time for yourself so that you can truly enjoy being on vacation in America.

Orlando, Florida

Theme parks and resorts characterize Orlando, Florida, making it a popular family vacation destination. Whether you’re interested in exploring the many parks that make up Disney World or you want to try the wild rides and Harry Potter experience at Universal Studios, you’ll find lots to do that will delight kids and adults. Book one of the area’s resort hotels, which you can find with coupons, and look forward to relaxation opportunities such as room service, attached spas, and hot tubs.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a beautiful place known for its natural red rock formations, and everyone in the family will appreciate Sedona’s picturesque environment. In Sedona, the numerous hiking trails provide the family with ample exercise and wear the kids out a bit, too. After a hike, head to Uptown Sedona to explore the galleries, shops, and restaurants that line the streets. Take advantage of Priceline deals to book a hotel with childcare options, and leave the kids in safe hands while you head to one of Uptown’s extravagant spas.

Anchorage, Alaska

Lots of popular cruise lines sail to Anchorage in the summer. Cruises offer lots of family-friendly entertainment options, such as shows, water parks, and other fun activities. Parents and kids alike will find countless things to do on a cruise to Anchorage. Once you dock, get off the ship and head to the Alaska Native Heritage Center to get an insightful look at indigenous culture.

Washington, DC


Washington DC is one of many destinations you and your kids will love

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The National Mall in Washington, D.C., is quite walkable, and you’ll find lots of historical and educational activities to occupy you here. Because many activities in DC are free, families can enjoy a full vacation without worrying about spending too much money. Parents should be sure to arrange hotel childcare for at least one night in the District. Fabulous restaurants abound throughout the district, and you deserve a night off for a romantic dinner.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg offers your kids an opportunity to participate in history. Here, actors walk around in costume acting like historical figures of the time, and the restored buildings offer a look at what life was like when the country was in its early days. Williamsburg also offers dining options that serve historical dishes that parents and kids will both love. When you use Priceline coupons, you can even find an upscale hotel with amenities to suit busy parents.

The entire family will enjoy outdoor activities, theme parks, and educational opportunities. Then, while the little ones are busy doing kid-friendly activities, you can have a nice dinner for two or head to a local spa for a fantastic massage. The whole family will end the vacation feeling great.