Packing Proactivity – Why Moving is the Perfect Time to Switch Up Your Lifestyle

Packing Proactivity – Why Moving is the Perfect Time to Switch Up Your Lifestyle

Moving comes with long to-do-lists and logistical planning, but it also bears opportunity for a lifestyle switch up. When moving, change is guaranteed, so why not lean into it? If your upcoming move is coinciding with a deep desire for a change, find out how you can marry the two occasions to produce an outcome in your best interest.

Downsize while you’re at it

The idea of downsizing is one that is appealing to multiple generations and persuasions. It cuts the ties to possessions that no longer add value to your life or serve the person you are today. It also allows you to bring less items to your next property, starting you on the path to a downsized lifestyle as soon as you settle in.

The easiest way to downsize is through mobile self storage in Canberra, as the storage unit is brought to your address and ready to be filled with your belongings. From there, your storage unit is stowed away and can be brought back to you as often as you like. This is a popular solution for many, as it comes with the benefits of downsizing, but allows you to still retain your treasures.

Time away from your routine

They say change is as good as a holiday. Moving will usually cause you to take time away from work and your responsibilities to facilitate that change. This reprieve, no matter how small, is the perfect time to hit reset on your current lifestyle before you reboot. Our work life balance, or lack thereof, is often the place where you can develop bad habits or harbour stress. Allow this extended time off to put things in perspective and set intentions that will better serve you.

New location, new you

When you holiday to a new destination, or find yourself in a new environment, do you take on a new approach or outlook? Perhaps you pack clothes that excite you, and take on experiences that speak to your interests. Your next move is no different. Face this change as an opportunity to shed the parts of your life that have become begrudgingly entrenched in your identity, and make room for the parts of yourself that only give you joy and growth. You can start simply by shaking up your routine, as it’s already changing, and introduce reflection, exercise – or whatever it is you want to focus on. You may even want to adorn your walls with artwork that you have long loved, but never got around to bringing into your life.

Everyone is making the change

How many times have you tried to enforce a change, but buckled due to inconveniencing your partner or children. Resolutions tend to stick when they are shared by the entire household, and moving is a great excuse to get that change going. There are balls in the air for the whole house when you move, and then the dust settles for you all. Take the time pre-move to discern what you want that future to look like, and how you can make that happen when the time comes.


Sure, moving can be stressful, but why not see the positives. A fresh start leads to a revitalised lifestyle, and that’s worth pursuing. From the moment those new keys hit your hands, you and your lifestyle get the do-over you have long awaited. Don’t squander the opportunity!