Just imagine yourself in the kitchen on a weekend night to prepare dinner for your family and you accidentally have a deep cut on your finger while cutting some vegetables, or the blood glucose level or blood pressure of an elderly patient at your home gets out of its normal range. It may be possible that your toddler or child wakes up with a skin allergy and that’s the scenario where you are left with two options in hand either you call emergency 000 only if its an emergency condition or you can pay a visit to any nearest clinic or a hospital nearby.

However, the healthcare industry has developed immensely over some time. Besides, the advancement in medicines and treatments of various diseases in the last decade the process of providing health care has also evolved remarkably. 

The hype and indulgence of social media in health care has been a great help to provide medical assistance even to the places that were not accessible before. Internet and telemedicine are the new eras of providing medical care and facilities. Now when you will be facing any medical issues and needs authentic assistance then you can opt for online medical assistance such as home doctor Sydney, it is an amazing initiative through which the PG (post-graduate physician) will visit you when called for it.


First thing first, one needs to differentiate between the medical condition or situation that needs emergency assistance or that doesn’t need to be treated urgently on the other side. It is because if your medical condition is not a serious one then you should wait for your family physician for an appointment due to the relevancy, comfort, medical history with him. Unfortunately, if you are in a medical situation that is tagged as an emergency and you can’t wait for the assistance of family physicians either due to weekends, unavailable schedules or appointment issues then you should immediately avail the following possible options according to your situation at that very moment.

TELEMEDICINE: the most useful way of utilizing social media and technology for medical assistance. Through telemedicine, you can either contact any PG or specialized consultant on either audio/ video call to further assist you in handling the situation until you receive any help on hand. It is also useful when you are facing any issue regarding the medication you are prescribed by using the internet facility. Home doctor refers to the feasibility of the people who can not manage to get to the hospital for minor issues now and then.

RETAIL CLINIC: They are clinic setups either within the community pharmacies or on their own as well. However, the available timings differ from area to area or state to state. These are the places where you can walk in for your minor ailments, injuries, infections, and other common medical conditions.

URGENT CARE CENTER: these are somewhat like retail clinics only, but the addition of minor OT (OPERATION THEATER) provides the medical facility of minor stitches and surgeries needed in an emergency.

ONLINE HOME DOCTOR: If the medical condition persists and the patient is not in the condition to move then the best possible and relatable option is to call a doctor at home for the medical services. Nowadays, there are many online pages and websites available that provide the services of the home doctor when needed. 



– You can easily avail the services of having a prescription from your home.

– Avoids the hustle of waiting for your turn in the queues.

– If you opt for regular check-ups and follow-ups, then you can avail of the services of having unlimited texts or video calls from the physician when needed.

– Starting from the first visit, you can ask for the membership that provides them with your complete medical history in the record that can be easily accessible during any medical emergency faced in your case.

– You are not left unattended if your regular home visiting doctor is not available due to either vacation or any other reason.  Since some other specialized doctor will take up your case provided with all the necessary medical history to give you the medical services either as an emergency or a regular check-up.  

– It is best for the children who are busy with their work schedules but still want to take care of their parents at home as they won’t be able to take them frequently to a clinic or hospital. They can easily access all the follow-ups and discussions online with the associated doctor.


– It’s usually a quick deal to make when it comes to long term commitment.

– It can turn out to be an expensive option for people who don’t have medical insurance covered in their package.


This emerging trend of convenient medical treatments is spreading far and wide and people are making most of it because of all the above mentioned perks. We hope to see further advancement to avoid any lackness that exists in the system, making it the priority of the people.