How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Many people design their bedrooms to be a sanctuary these days. This is probably because of the amount of stress they have in their daily lives. Between work, family, the kids and running all over town, by the time the average person gets into their bedroom, they want it to be all about them.

For this reason companies are designing bedroom amenities that comfort and pamper homeowners. Here is a list of some of the best ones for you to consider purchasing.

The Bedroom

High Quality Window Coverings

Window coverings have become quite a focus in the bedrooms these days and with good reason. They make the windows a focal point in the room and allow occupants to add color and texture which creates a richness and depth to the room. Companies that specialize in window treatments like New York City based Janovic, help clients to discover the perfect window coverings no matter the style of windows they have and offer a range of colors and fabrics. Homeowners can choose between sheer blinds or shades or chose a style that “blacks out” the entire room and are great if you love sleeping in a dark room.

Custom Bedding

The bedding can make a dramatic difference in the feeling and mood of a bedroom. Today there are layers of bedding that can be placed upon the bed to create an upscale and lush look. Sheets, blankets and duvets of differing colors with different styles and sizes of pillows add depth and focus the eye on this most important part of the bedroom.

Remote Lighting

How about controlling your lighting from bed? Homes are adding remote lighting in the bedroom so homeowners never have to leave bud to turn lighting on and off and adjust brightness. The desired mood can be set and changed using a smartphone and the lights can even be put on timers to help you sleep or wake up.

The EnSuite

Steam Shower

A steam shower is something that has been around for thousands of years in public arenas and today any health club has one or more to accommodate members. Steam showers utilize steam and often water massage in an enclosed shower or room. The steam can be turned on for all or some part of the shower and then a regular shower can take place. The relaxing steam of steam showers is great for loosening tight or sore muscles, helping to clear congested airways, and even cleaning your facial and body skin pores.

Jacuzzi Tub

A Jacuzzi tub has to be known as the ultimate in relaxation in the bathroom. These tubs provide waterjets that gently or vigorously massage any and every aching part of your body. You can choose to use heated or cool water depending upon the depth you want the massaging waterjets to penetrate your muscles, and even place calming herbs and fragrances in the water to add to the spa like experience.

Making our bedroom a sanctuary allows us to have a spa at home any time. The relaxation we can get at a moment’s notice allows us to always be ready for life’s stressful challenges.