Los Angeles’s Best Family Friendly Group Tour Sites

Los Angeles’s Best Family Friendly Group Tour Sites

Although the city is recognized around the world as being the number one place to see and hang out with t movie stars, models, and musicians. Los Angeles also boasts no shortage of activities for families. In fact there are more things for you and your clan to do here than in just about any other city, anywhere.

So whether you have a Brady Bunch brood, or are thinking of making it a family reunion kind of affair, here’s everything you need to know about planning a group or family tour of the Los Angeles area.

The Big Ones

There are a few important destinations that you need to make sure that your family enjoys when you visit Los Angeles.

Disneyland – Disneyland is the original Disney Park that opened just south of Los Angeles in 1955. Since that time, the park has been the favorite place of millions of children who come here every year to enjoy the characters, the rides, and the magic that is Walt Disney. Make sure that your group comes and experiences the Disney Magic at Disneyland.

The LaBrea Tar Pits – Are one of the few active tar pits in the United States. Here you can experience how dinosaurs were pulled into the tar and preserved. the Tar Pits also features a museum complete with actual dinosaur bones and the history of the area. Kids of all ages will love it.

Universal Studios – For a look inside movie making and a theme park that’s aimed at older kids, head to Studio City’s Universal Studios Theme Park. The park features movie based rides I’m some of the most successful films of all time including Back to the Future, Terminator, and Harry Potter. Bring your family for a great time.

Rent a Minibus or Tour Bus

Los Angeles is a city of drivers and that means that there is traffic everywhere, making getting around the city difficult. For those visiting it can be nearly impossible to navigate and a consistently stressful experience. To get away from having to deal with the traffic, rent a Los Angeles mini bus or tour bus. You can fit your entire group comfortably and leave the driving to an experienced professional who knows how to navigate the Los Angeles roadways.

Find Other Family Destinations to Visit

Do your research on the family activities and destinations in Los Angeles and make yourself a map of where you need to go to experience them. Remember Los Angeles is a very big city so making a map can help you to get around and not get lost.

Book Tours

Many of the places that you will likely want to see with your family offer Private Tours. You can call in advance and let them know the size of your group and they will make sure that you are, accommodated.

Give the Kids Something to Do on the Bus

Remember the kids get bored easily, so you should make sure to pack things to distract them while they’re in the bus.  Include radio playlist of bands they love and also some games for the entire family to play.

With a little planning and by renting the right type of transportation, you can get your family around Los Angeles and have a wonderful time enjoying the City of Angels’ best family attractions.