The Little Secret of Housewives

The Little Secret of Housewives

Housewives like June Cleaver have a secret ... photo by CC user ABC Television (public domain)

Housewives have come a long way since the days of the American sitcom of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ back in the 50’s. In this situation comedy, June Cleaver represented the perfect housewife and mother, where she always cleaned the house wearing her unspoiled dress, her pearl necklace and pressed apron, and she also had the perfect coiffure at all times. This was the perfectly stereotypical image of women in the 50’s that was quite impossible for housewives of that era to live up to, though many of them envied this kind of so called perfection of June Beaver.

The housewife of today’s generation can most likely associate themselves to the character of wacky wife Lucy in the American sitcom of I Love Lucy. In this popular series, Lucy always tried to help, however, most of the time she ended up in some kind of trouble that used to make her husband Ricky upset. Just as the character of Lucy Ricardo played by Lucille Ball, most housewives look forward to serve their kids with a good breakfast to start the day, and that their hair is brushed, clothes are clean, shoes are tied, before sending them off to school with a well-balanced lunch.

The typical day of today’s housewife is also about sending the husband off to work, and handing him his briefcase when he usually forget to take it. This makes you wonder how he would have got through the day if you were not there. Then the dishes used for breakfast and even those left for last night dinner are put in the dishwasher, the dog is fed, and the roast chicken for the night’s dinner is thawed.

And now it’s playtime for you. This is one of the favourite moment of most housewives, where you get to rush to your favourite mobile/ desktop casino site such as, and indulge in your favourite slots, or even venture on games that was once considered as masculine games, such as poker and roulette. To get the real casino feeling, some fancy playing the live casino games. The best part is that you don’t have to share whatever you win online with anyone, and you can even think of getting that dress you’ve had your eye on since some time.

Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself online, and when you look at the time, it’s nearly the moment when your hubby comes home with the kids. You just have approximately the right amount of time to get the hoover and mop out, and load the tonne of clothes that need to be washed in the machine. Like a professional sprinter, you get all this done in a record time. But it’s not over yet, as you still require the modern Lucille Ball look. So up you go to the shower, and in no time you are all dressed up with the perfect hairstyle.

Your personal housewife time is over when the whole gang walks in. That’s the time that you realise that you should have checked on the roast over an hour ago in the oven. Well, it’s too late, you’re caught red handed. With your innocent look that you’ve mastered, you can only tell him that you’ve been distracted by your daily chores all day long. That’s when he gets a cold beer, and says that at least you didn’t burn the beer!