Types of Windows and How to Cover Them

Types of Windows and How to Cover Them

Photo by CC user David Slavick on Wikipedia

A quick look at the world of blinds and you will see that different types exist for almost all house windows. This is great, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. After all, which blind should you use where? Hopefully, the following information will help you make your decision.

Windows with a View

If you have a gorgeous view, the last thing you want to do is hide it all. Rather, you want to make sure that your blind fully opens or raises so that your view is unobstructed. Wooden venetian blinds are possibly the worst option to choose.

Arched Windows

Arches can be difficult, and most people treat them as if they were a rectangle. However, you could fan honeycomb or pleated blinds into a semicircle and retain the arch itself.

French Windows

French windows are hard because they are actually doors. When left open, they could blow the blinds about, and parts of the blinds can be caught when the doors get closed. Wood Venetian blinds are usually considered the best ones, due to their weight. This means that, if there is a breeze, they won’t flap about. You could also opt for rollers with a friction lock, as this means there are no chains or cords.

Bay Windows

Almost all types of blinds will work in bay windows. The issue is taking the right measurements, as you will actually need individual blinds. Romans are not suitable, as they need empty space either side, or they will get tangled.


This is where you should choose an energy efficient roller blind or honeycomb blind. Skylights let out much of the heat and coolness of your room, so covering them with these is an excellent idea to keep your energy bills down.

Sliding Patio Doors

Most people choose large vertical blinds for their sliding doors. Usually, they are installed inside the frame itself.

Very Large Windows

If your window is larger than normal, it is difficult to have blinds because of the weight itself. The strings can only take on so much tension before they break. It is recommended to install a number of blinds side by side instead.

Hard to Reach Windows

If you have a hard to reach window, you could consider a remote controlled blind. Alternatively, have one custom made with an extra long cord. Neither option is cheap.

Front of House Windows

It is entirely up to you which type of blind you use, but you should have some consistency throughout. These blinds will be the first people see, so it will build their expectations.

High Humidity Rooms

In high humidity rooms such as your kitchen or bathroom, you should always consider PVC or vinyl blinds. That is because it is the only material that is resistant to moisture and won’t warp or corrode.


Lastly, you may want to consider blackout blinds in your bedroom house windows. This will stop you from getting woken up by the sunlight, which is very important for young children and people who work shifts.