Little-Known Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Little-Known Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Not being able to get or sustain an erection is a common problem that many men face, with some pretty well-known causes. People assume they are drinking/smoking too much or have a bad diet and sometimes this is the cause. However, in some cases, there is more to erectile dysfunction than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at some lesser known causes of the condition.

Little-Known Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Watching Too Much Porn

It’s completely normal for guys to watch and enjoy porn, but TOO much of it can be the cause of this embarrassing condition. An addiction to porn can cause lower self-esteem, lead to poorer relationship quality and impotence. I recommend doing all you can to watch less of the action on-screen and get some for yourself.


Studies have shown that for those who snore regularly, it can lead to a whole host of other conditions including the one that we are discussing. Visit a doctor in the sleep field to help get rid of this obstacle in your life. Sorting out your snoring issues could lead to other relief in the bedroom also!


A little bit of riding a bicycle isn’t going to affect a man’s virility but a lot could! Guys who cycle on a regular basis could be facing an unexpected side effect in the trousers department, according to experts on the matter. This is due to the position the body is in when being sat on a saddle all day and it damaging certain nerves related to getting the penis erect.

Lacking Vitamin D

A vitamin D deficiency will increase your likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction. In addition to helping cure this condition, an increase in vitamin D can improve your health on the whole. You can either get vitamin D supplements or eat more milk, mushrooms, eggs, cereal and ricotta cheese to get plenty of what you need.

Bowel Surgery

Many men are not told this before the operation, but undergoing bowel surgery can result in them becoming impotent. The reason for this is nerves being damaged during the process.

Hair Loss Medication

If you suffer from premature hair loss and have been using drugs in an attempt to cure this condition, you could just be swapping one problem for another. Studies have linked a particular hair loss drug called “Propecia” to ED. This is due to the ingredient finasteride which interferes with the testosterone found in men. While the risk of the side effect is fairly small, it’s certainly something to consider for those looking to treat their hair loss. It may be worth exploring alternative treatments if you’re concerned about this as a potential issue.


If you or your partner are suffering from the condition, knowing some of the less common causes can help sort the problem out once and for all. Getting rid of ED will improve confidence and make the individual happier in their day to day life. While some people may find it a little embarrassing to discuss the issue with their doctor, rest assured that they’ve seen it all before and will be able to recommend appropriate treatment for your particular issue.

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