The List Of Loose Ends

The List Of Loose Ends

A Guide To Long-Distance Moving

There’s no way around it. Moving home is a stress-filled and challenging time, where our organisation skills get a workout and our patience is tested time and time again. Facing a big move alone (or as part of a couple) can make you feel isolated, and can make even the smallest of tasks feel like a huge burden.

Before taking the leap, it’s wise to get a list of ‘must-do’ actions written. Record any important details which may impact your move, and work through them – one by one.

The More, The Merrier

This is where the value of hiring professional movers can really appeal. Professional removalists are experts in the packing, transporting and moving of objects. They’re in high demand because they can simplify the entire experience – from packing and organising transport, to performing the physical Tetris of moving furniture and belongings.

Removalists are also able to provide you with peace of mind, courtesy of certification and insurance. By hiring professional removalists in Sydney (or Melbourne, or any other major city), you can be assured that you have legal protection should any of your possessions suffer an accident or incident.

Advance Planning

Near the top of your moving to-do list should be ‘bookings and confirmations’. With a long distance move comes the need to book and confirm all required services in advance – even more so than with a local move. If you need to organise services across the country (or across the world), it’s particularly important than you get these organised well-ahead of your arrival, as things frequently get lost in translation.

A common example is the movement of pets. For a local move, this may seem straightforward enough (drive car between old property and new property, quarantine the pet, gradually release the pet), but for a long-distance move, there are numerous factors to consider.

A long distance move (eg; interstate) may require your pets to spend some time in boarding facilities as you complete the cleaning and moving process. Depending on the size of your pets, they may also require specialist transport between homes. These details will need to be booked well in advance, and should be budgeted for accordingly.

For moves which are international, moving pets is even more complex. Common domestic pets such as cats and dogs have to undergo quarantine and vaccinations. They will also need to have the correct carrying cage and documentation. If you require help getting your pets between countries, you will need to book this service months in advance. It will take longer (and be more costly) than you think. Budget accordingly.

Child’s Play

Children present another common point of concern when moving houses. In long-distance moves, children are required to move schools and as a result, they have to rebuild friendships, and re-integrate into a new community.

Understandably, this can cause some distress to children, who might not understand why the move is necessary and demand to be left behind. In these instances it’s important to be honest with your children, and tell them well ahead of time that there is a big change upcoming. Giving your children the time to emotionally process the upcoming change and to prepare for their new life is important, and can be the difference between a smooth move and a miserable endeavour.

A Dry Run

If time and money allows, it can be a good idea to conduct a ‘dry run’. A dry run may mean spending a few days (or longer) in your new location, and will give you a chance to practically consider any final factors before making the move. If you have any, include your children in this process – it will allow them to experience their new community firsthand, and may help to allay any nervousness the have about moving to an unknown location.

Long distance moving brings geographical change and upheaval, and can also be the precursor to stress and chaos – but it doesn’t have to be that way. By planning your move carefully ahead of time, you can remove many of the most common pain-points, and be happily on the way to your new home.