James Haidak – Why You Should Combine Your Passions With A Love of Travel

James Haidak – Why You Should Combine Your Passions With A Love of Travel

When you go on vacation how do you select the destination? The amenities? The weather? The location? Or a mixture of all of these? Whilst this is certainly the most common way of traveling, what about combining something that you are passionate about with your travels? My buddy James Haidak and I have just returned from the most amazing surfing holiday in Costa Rica, something we’d dreamed about since we were kids. James suggested it last year and I realized tat I had never taken this type of break before. Having had the most incredible time, here is why I’d advise mixing your love for travel with something that you are passionate about. 

The Discovery of New Places

Because you are traveling to different locations than the norm, you get a wonderful opportunity to explore these new places that you may never have seen otherwise. If you love wine for example and head to Argentina, you are going to be visiting small towns and villages which you simply would never have considered were you not combining your trip with a love of wine. The same went for us in Costa Rica and some of the best surf spots, were right off the beaten track. 

Never Stop Learning 

No matter what your hobby is there is always something more that you can learn about it and when you go off traveling to explore more, you are going to load up on information that you perhaps didn’t know about. Despite having surfed for over 20 years between us, James and I really learned a lot more about reading waves down there in Costa Rica, and the same thing will happen to you. Whether you are traveling to explore history, as a food lover, a wine lover or even a surfing trip like us, you are going to learn so much about your passion. 

Meeting Like Minded Folk

Occasionally when I am traveling I’ll meet another surfer or two, but nothing like the number of people who I met during our recent trip, and with good reason. When you are traveling to these hotspots, so too are other people who follow the same passion and that gives you a great chance to meet people who like the same things that you do. In fact 2 guys who James and I met have invited us to Hawaii next year for another surf trip. Because of the fact that you are all there for the same reason it gives you the perfect conversation starter and my experience is that traveling like this is a sure fire way to meet more people who like the things that you do. 

Why not give it a try for your next vacation? Have a think about what your passions are and then look around the world to see where the best places are to indulge, you won’t regret it!


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