V Reddy Kancharla – The Importance of Picking Up New Hobbies After 50

V Reddy Kancharla – The Importance of Picking Up New Hobbies After 50

Just after turning 50 I was talking to my good friend V Reddy Kancharla who was asking me about my plans for the following 5 years. In truth I kind of felt at 50 that my race was run, and now was the time to relax into my later years. Reddy however would tell me just how absurd this was, and that I may very well have another 35 years to live, so I should be making the most of it. Reddy is one of these guys with boundless energy, always looking to do and try new things, very inspirational in fact. And so thanks to Reddy I decided that I was going to find a new hobby, and I am so glad that I did. If you are post 50, here is why picking up a new hobby can be a great idea. 

Staying Young 

The thing that Reddy said to inspire me to try something new was about the scientific research which had been done into people who try new things and the positive impact it has on their brain. I decided to look into it and it is completely true, that doing new things and learning new skills creates more pathways in the brain and keeps it younger and more supple. Health problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia are something we should all look to avoid, and picking up hobbies can help you do just that. 

Meeting People

As you get older it becomes increasingly more difficult to make new friends, mainly because you just don’t put yourself in situations whereby you will come into contact with people who you may not have met before. When you pick up a new hobby however, you are likely to join some type of club and this is a great way to introduce yourself to new and like-minded people. I decided that I would start playing tennis, as a way to keep fit and to learn a new skill, and since I joined the tennis club I have met so many people who I can now call friends. 

What Else?

Honestly speaking, once you have retired and your family is grown up, what else is there to do other than sit at home watching television, tending to the garden or perhaps going for some vacations, but in terms of day to day activities you need something to get your teeth stuck into. Considering the fact that you would once have worked for 40 hours per week, that is a lot of time to fill up, and being lazy will see you get bored and probably fat pretty quickly. 


Honestly, picking up a new hobby is a lot of fun and it will make you happier. I tried out a number of new hobbies before giving my time to tennis, and I can honestly say that I have never been happier. I have a reason to go out, I see friends, I exercise and I compete, there isn’t much of a better reason than happiness to do something new, so why not give its try!