How to Handle a House Party for 16 – Year – Olds

How to Handle a House Party for 16 – Year – Olds

Teenage parties are usually the devil. You, as the parent, would not want to be there when the hell finally starts breaking loose. But remember, the first rule is always to be there. So what do you do in your position having maybe carried forward this party for long and somehow time has come, and all the excuses have vanished? Well, we all agree that teenage parties provide a platform for teens to experiment. They experiment in almost everything, and before you know it, you have vodka flying rounds in your house, drug overdose, alcohol poisoning, gatecrashers, fights, etc. you should know that teen has all this energy just waiting for slight provocation and the curiosity of a cat. Learning how to tame these two gives you 60% fewer problems you have to worry about. So, how do you handle teens at a party?

Always be there

Your teenage children will never be young adults. In fact, could you not take them as mini-adults either? Any form of absence in the house for a predetermined time is non-verbal permission to hold a party. As earlier noted, being home while your teenage children have fun is a mandatory rule. Lest you want to come back to find some people’s children- whom you barely know have overdosed pills, or some have snugged themselves in the bathroom smooching the night out as others are busy on your computer searching for pornographic videos and all forms of ills they can come up with. This is all due to their curiosity and needs to experiment, which shall be tamed by your presence.

Limit the numbers

Your teen is the host, but you are the host of the host. So it makes sense that you should limit the number of people coming to the party. Furthermore, you should be ready to have an influx of approximately double the number you permitted. So, if you limited the number at 30, expect around 60-65 people to turn up – they all come with a plus one.

Alternative venue away from your home is welcome

Due to enormous numbers, you can opt for the community hall to hold the party. This way, your property will not be under threat of damage and house becoming filthy with all kinds of dirt such that you’ll have to scrub the carpet afterward of juices and vomits. Secondly, you wouldn’t have to patrol the bedrooms for suspicion of some indulgence. And thirdly, the party shall end at the time it’s scheduled to end. The girls’ heels and the boys’ brimming energy can do some severe injustice on your floors and the house.

Feed them

Full stomachs would prevent some of them from getting dangerously drunk in case they smuggled some vodkas in their clothes to the party. Lots of carbohydrates are recommended for this. Furthermore, serving them food gives you an excuse to survey around in dark places looking for evil perpetrators. Moreover, you will be building some rapport with the teens; hence they feel less inclined to destroy your property.

Hire a mixologist

You might want to get the services of a professional alcohol mixer. So that less alcohol is served to the children rather have them pour down strong spirits and get dangerously and carelessly drunk in your watch.

The bottom line

The article does not cover all areas, such as restricting all-glass utensils and glasses to be used. Instead, use paper cups, bracing yourself for the damage, and insisting for more rational people to be considered for an invitation, among other precautions you can take to handle the teens’ parties. No one ends up a total winner, but getting to prevent some of the errand boys and girls from doing what they think is ‘cool’ is an overall winner. For birthday entertainment, you can hire a specialist.