Getting High (Quality That Is) – 5 Household Items You Should Be Prepared To Pay More For

Getting High (Quality That Is) – 5 Household Items You Should Be Prepared To Pay More For

Household items are there to serve a purpose. Amid overpriced goods and designer household items, it is often difficult to discern where you’re paying extra for good quality and where you’re paying extra unnecessarily, simply for the sake of style or brand. These five household items will give you a safer experience and better value when you pay a little more for great quality: 

1. Cookware

Investing in high quality cookware ensures the safety of the whole family. Preparing a home-cooked meal is the best way to enjoy wholesome family dinners. The food preparation process has long been a safety hazard in most homes, especially houses with young children. Induction cookware is one of the best investments you can make. It is safer, easier, and less power consumptive. The trick to getting the best quality cookware lies in sourcing the products from the most reputable brands that are known for providing excellent quality. Look for brands like Anolon, Essteele, Circulon, and RACO. 

2. Flat Iron

Anyone with bushy hair or wayward locks will attest to the importance of a high-quality hair iron. There are various factors that determine the quality of a flat iron (also called a hair straightener or hair iron). There are also a variety of different types within the same quality bracket. For example, there are flat irons that are made from tourmaline and there are flat irons made from titanium. Cheaper flat irons tend to develop hot and cool spots which yield an uneven end result. Poor quality products will exacerbate the damage which might give you a short-term result you are looking for (straighter hair) but in the long term, damages the hair. 

3. Geyser

Water heating systems, like geysers, are some of the most dangerous and power consumptive elements in the house. They’re also one of the most expensive to replace, repair, or clean up after following a burst or a leak. While homeowner’s insurance generally covers these catastrophes, you will not be reimbursed for the damage to your personal possessions (beyond the damage of the house) or the time it takes to repair it which can often make the house uninhabitable. 

4. Garage Door Motors

Another essential item that is best selected based on quality rather than price, is a garage door motor. Garage door motors are manufactured cheaply overseas and imported for next to nothing. Good quality garage door openers and motors can be rather costly. It is always better to invest in a quality product manufactured by a reputable brand. Not only does this ensure you have quality assurance and a guarantee, but it also means you will have excellent aftermarket service in the event that something goes wrong. 

5. Power Tools

Power tools are dangerous. They’re designed to cut, drill, and perform other tasks at high speeds. One slip could cause serious injury. Opting for inexpensive versions of the reputable power tool brands is risky. Instances, where these tools come apart as a result of the high vibration when they are powered on, have occurred. Manufacturers who make use of cheaper screws and bolts to hold together power tools run the risk of this. Besides the safety aspect,  cheaply manufactured motors can burn out easily, offering a fraction of the lifespan of a reputable brand. 

Quality will give you quantity

When you make a purchase, you ultimately want the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. This means the product must last as well as similar competitor products. Opting for quality will yield quantity, at least, in terms of how long you can use the same item as its lifespan is significantly longer.