How to Create the Illusion of Depth in Small Spaces with Wallcoverings

How to Create the Illusion of Depth in Small Spaces with Wallcoverings

For people living in more urban environments, whether it’s a townhome or an apartment, space comes at a premium. Case in point: more than half of all apartments in New York City are fewer than 700 square feet! 

If you want to add depth to your space, here are a few simple rules/ideas:

  • Soft, light “cool” colors (blue, purple, green) or light neutrals like white or grey will make your space feel more open and airy.
  • Having noticeable distinctions between walls will make the room feel more boxy and smaller. If you have wall trimmings or moldings you want to have in a different color, keep the trim color and the wall color in the same family.
  • Mirrors. Larger mirrors will reflect the space back on itself, creating a feeling of continuation of the room. Larger mirrors are a great cheap way to add depth to a space.

However, if you’re a renter of one of these small spaces, there are two primary things you need to keep in mind: the rules set by your landlord and how easy the decor is to apply & remove.

Have no fear; there are ways to deepen smaller spaces without breaking your lease agreement that are quite easy! 

With peel-and-stick murals, both of your fears are assuaged.

Unlike painting, where you need to cover and move furniture in your already small space, and the paint smell will permeate your space for days, peel-and-stick murals go up in a flash, look great, and that’s that! 

Furthermore, some peel-and-stick wall murals, like those from Limitless Walls, are removable and reusable—without any damaging your wall! Simply make sure your wall is clean and dust-free, and when its time to move, you can take your mural with you!

Earlier in the article, we outlined some basic rules and ideas to follow. If you want to get a bit creative, wall murals can help you bring some cool patterns and exercise your more artistic side!

Here are a few cool, unique wall mural ideas that will be very effective in bringing some depth to your space. 

  • Horizontal stripes are a perfect way to add depth to a wall, almost with a near 3D effect! Continue the main lighter colors from the other walls onto this wall and mix it up with a darker color to create a sense of depth. If you have white walls, a white and black horizontal striped wall will do wonders it making that smaller space look larger!
  • In rooms with short ceilings, horizontal stripes on a wall can make the ceiling feel higher!
  • Putting a darker accent or work of art on the wall opposite the primary door or entrance to a space can make it immediately feel larger. 
  • City street scenes are trendy wall murals. If you were to line up a shot looking down an avenue with your wall, it would create a sense of depth and continuity!

You don’t have to worry about your landlord or messing up your small space decorating! Peel-and-stick wall murals are an easy, mess-free way to add depth and personality to your small space.


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