How to Clean Stubborn Bathroom Stains

How to Clean Stubborn Bathroom Stains

When it comes to the build-up of grime, dirt and mould in the property, there are some environments which prove to be the ideal setting. All that is required is an area which is moist, humid and where dirt particles are in the air, and this is what makes the bathroom a perfect location for such issues. If you don’t stay on top of it then over time, stains and grime can attach to the tiles, the grout between them, the bathtub, the sink, the toilet and many more areas of the bathroom. Regular cleaning is essential but if you do find that tough-to-lift stains have appeared, here is how to attack and remove them. 

Bath Taps and Fittings 

Turning on the tap with dirty hands leaves small deposits which can build up over time. To remove these stains you will need some vinegar and an old toothbrush. Soak the area in white vinegar and leave for 10 minutes. Once you have done this, go at the stain using the toothbrush, ensuring that you get the bristles in-between the cracks and crevices of the fittings. Wipe with a wet sponge and you should have been able to clear the stains. If there are still stains, repeat the process until they are gone. 

Toilet Bowl Rust 

A dirty toilet bowl is not a good look for anyone, which is why you should always look to use a flush-cleaner. If however a stain has built up, there is a magical tip which you can use, that will be highly effective in removing it. Using the drink coke, store-bought or otherwise, you can lift that stain off with no problems at all. The mixture of citric and phosphoric acid make this a perfect choice when it comes to removing stains in the toilet bowl. Use this two ways to get rid of stubborn stains; firstly coat your toilet brush with the drink and give the bowl a good scrub, finally pour a 1 liter bottle into the bowl, leave for 10 minutes and flush. This should work well in cleaning the toilet and making sure that no stains remain. 

Bathtub Cleaning 

Freestanding baths, drop-tubs and corner baths all have issues with soap scum, and this is also easy to get rid of if it has began to stain the area. This can also be attacked using white spirit vinegar, only you should apply it with a scouring pad to really get rid of the grime. If you have stains which are proving tough to get rid of, fine steel wool may be an option here. Bear in mind that this is not the same as regular steel wool, which is far too abrasive and will scratch. 

Bathroom Tiles and Grout 

Ceramic tiles around the bathroom or in the shower unit usually wipe clean very easily indeed, yet the grout in-between them is not quite as easy to shine. The best option here is to create a paste using 1 part baking soda to 2 parts vinegar. Simply apply the paste to the grout and then leave for 10 minutes before rinsing off. This will magically restore your grout to its shiny white origins. 

And so if you have thick grime and stains on your toilet or in any other area of your bathroom, these are the handy ways in which you can get rid of them.