DIY Hacks to Lower Your Heating Bill

DIY Hacks to Lower Your Heating Bill

Are you looking for ways to save on your heating bill? Do rising utility costs make you dread opening your heating bill during the winter months? The key to decreasing your bill is to find ways to keep the cold out and the heat in. Here, we will give you some DIY hacks that will help lower your heating bill.


Weatherstripping can save on electricity by keeping drafts to a minimum. To apply, you simply line the door jam at the point that the door touches. This foam seal will block the cold from coming in and keep the heat from escaping.

Close Chimney Flute

When your chimney is not in use, seal it off to keep the cold from entering the home from the opening. Open flutes are often a culprit that steals hot air and keeps heating bills soaring.

Use Window Insulation Film

The windowpane causes heat to dissipate when it makes contact with the glass; window treatments will help regulate heat. Plastic window treatments are kits that include clear plastic film and double-sided tape.

Lower Thermostat Setting

Turning your thermostat down is an obvious solution to control your heat output. Simply lowering your thermostat by just a few degrees can keep your heating system from firing up too frequently.

Keep Vents Clean

Dust and debris in the heating vents also cause the system to work harder, resulting in a higher bill. If your home is one of those Oakland houses for sale, don’t overlook cleaning your vents for the next owner.

Seal Heating Ducts

Sometimes there are leaks near the seams of heating ducts. Check to make sure there is no heat escaping from the metallic tape that seals the points where the ductwork is joined.

Program Thermostat to Reduce Usage

If you own a programmable thermostat, you can program it to save you money on autopilot. On your workdays, you can have the thermostat programmed to stay off while you are at work. As you are getting off, your thermostat can begin heating your home for your arrival. The heat can be turned off while you sleep and start running before you rise.

Change Air Filters

When you have a dirty air filter on your furnace, it makes your system work even harder. Change your filter regularly to keep your furnace running efficiently.


If your home is not totally insulated with fiberglass, you can be losing a ton of heat from dissipation when touching cold walls. If you don’t have your attic, insulated air will often enter through cracks and roofing nail holes.

Locate and Seals Draft Points

Do a top-to-bottom inspection of your home, and try to locate all areas where heat is escaping from your home. Use the appropriate sealers and treatments to eliminate the drafts and leaks.


You don’t need to be a real handyman to take the necessary steps to keep your heating bills lower. These DIY projects will make your home cozy and your heating costs manageable.