Get Natural Looking Eyelashes with These Wonder Products

Get Natural Looking Eyelashes with These Wonder Products


Did you know that a normal human being should have about 100 to 150 lashes each on the upper and lower eyelids? Each one of us would actually have that many follicles at birth, according to an article published by NCBI. However, flourishing follicles resulting in long, lustrous, wavy lashes is a prized possession not owned by all. And for those yearning for the same, they are lash extensions, serums, conditioners, mascaras and loads more. And if you are looking at an instant makeover, extensions are likely to be your best bet.

Types to Know Before You Pick

The major types of extensions include synthetic, silk and mink eyelashes; and you can learn more about them from trusted review portals like On such sites, you can find both generic information about eyelash growth and brand specific details to make a choice. Each type of extensions will have their merits and demerits and would be suitable for a specific purpose. For instance, mink eyelash extensions are considered well suited for getaways and holidays since they require little or no maintenance. Silk is ideal for those obsessed with keeping it as natural as possible. It may not be best suited for those seeking significant volume enhancements. And synthetics are ideal for that dramatic, curvy look sported by your favorite Matinee Idol!

A Trusted Brand is a Good Start

The decision to opt for fake eyelashes might have come after much deliberation. And now than you have crossed the fence, it is time to prove your instincts right by selecting a bankable product. And Novalash Extensions should be your best pick. These are synthetic lashes that would provide significant volume enhancements to your existing lashes. You must ideally seek professional help for having them attached. These lashes are easy to attach and can be kept on through the day! They will fall out only when you shed your natural lashes! And depending on how many lashes you lose every week, a touch up would be required every 2 to 4 weeks!

Be Subtle, Yet Effective

Be it mink eyelashes or silk fiber ones, you will be required to visit a salon for having them fixed and revisit in a few weeks for touch-ups. In addition, you may have to do away with your favorite mascara since its application could loosen the bonds of extensions. If it seems cumbersome, you can always switch to a proven enhancement serum like RapilLash, which would provide enhancements to your brows and lashes on regular application through 4 to 6 weeks. The formulation works as a moisture sealant and contains powerful amino acids and peptides for packing in a true punch. You need to apply it like eyeliner, at the base of your lashes, and leave on at bedtime. The serum will supply your lashes with the nutrients it needs and significant growth will be visible within the stated timeframe.

Your choice of an eyelash embellishment product should ideally depend on the timeframe you have in mind and your personal preferences. Make sure you collect enough information for being able to make informed choices.