The Problem with WordPress Popularity

The Problem with WordPress Popularity

There are currently millions of WordPress powered websites. While the ease of use of WordPress makes it a popular choice for users to customize their blogs or e-commerce sites, the sheer volume of websites that are built upon WordPress programs and codes makes it a very soft and easy target for hackers, spammers and other unscrupulous cyber menace. SiteLock Scam warns it is not surprising that WordPress powered websites are so often attacked. This is the risk that users take when they decide to go with WordPress.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong with an Infected WordPress Website

Unfortunately, plenty of headache inducing things could happen if your WordPress powered website gets attacked. In short, hackers have various ways to cause trouble. They could sneak in malware, malicious programs that could infect your program, causing your website to be deemed unsafe by search engines, and consequently blocked. This would mean that potential customers would be deterred to even visit your website, resulting in revenue losses and a tarnished reputation. Worse, they might not even know your website exists, since it no longer appears on internet search results lists. Hackers also often do a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack, which is basically flooding a website with so many requests that it virtually crashes. Another way a website’s safety could be compromised is by the existence of web applications that could inadvertently open some back doors that could allow malicious viruses and malware codes to sneak inside and wreak havoc. One of the stressful things that could happen to website owners is when they become locked out of their own websites unless they pay a certain amount of ransom to the hackers to get back control of their own websites.

Invest In A Reliable Web Security Company for Your Cyber Defense

Most website owners only think about cyber defense when an emergency already happens. This is because many of them are actually not aware what exactly are the steps they have to take to protect their websites. Indeed, many website owners simply feel overwhelmed and intimidated when it comes to protecting their websites. Luckily for them, SiteLock makes this crucial step very easy and affordable. SiteLock offers the WP (WordPress) Starter Package, costing $ 11.99 a month contains the SiteLock SMART, which takes care of malware detection and removal. The WP (WordPress) Protect, costing $ 39.20 per month, contains both the SiteLock SMART and SiteLock TrueShield, which is a web application firewall that plugs in holes and weaknesses present in web applications. This offers even more cyber protection, since over ninety percent of cyber threats actually come from web applications. Both packages allow customers to ask help from customer service, which is available twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Testimonial From A SiteLock Client

L. Shavak said, “The customer service rep I worked with was professional, extremely helpful, polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made the stress of malware on my blog much better to deal with and I was very happy with everything he organized for me.”