Fully warm up in a minute! Thermally engineered metal pan, ‘Iron Core’

Fully warm up in a minute! Thermally engineered metal pan, ‘Iron Core’

When you use a stainless steel pan for a long time, the bottom part of the pan is often deformed, making it difficult to use. This is what happens when stainless steel is exposed to excessive heat for a long period of time. However, since stainless steel material has low thermal conductivity and takes a long time to preheat, it is inevitable to leave it on the fire for a long time.

If someone comes up with better stainless cookware, they will either increase the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel or upgrade the stainless steel to better resist the heat. There is a product on Kickstarter that solves all the problems of stainless steel pan at once. ‘Iron Core’, a new material applied metal pan that warms up in one minute and reduced heat deformation.

Increased thermal conductivity will preheat the pan much faster than before.

Existing stainless steel pans have low thermal conductivity and heat retention, and low resistance to heat. However, stainless steel has exceptional resistance to corrosion and easy to clean, which is why almost pans are made of stainless steel.

Iron Core is made with ‘Thermal Engineering Design’. This product is made of ‘Arc Clad’, a new material that combines stainless steel and iron, and doubles the thermal conductivity compared to existing stainless steel pans.

High-purity All-Ferrite iron inserted between stainless steel transfers intense heat to the pan in a short time. As a result, the time that previously took more than 5 minutes to preheat the pan has been reduced to less than 1 minute. Have you been worried about food sticking to the pan because it was difficult to set the right temperature for cooking? If so, use the Iron Core to cook quickly without worrying about scorched food.

Iron Core increased heat retention and made cooking easier

Iron Core’s clad retains the quickly transferred heat in the pan for a long time. The iron inside the clad distributes heat evenly throughout the pan, reaching the optimum preheating temperature of 185°F within one minute. After preheating the pan, even if you lower the power of heat, the optimum temperature for cooking lasts for a long time, so the food cooks evenly outside and inside. Also, since there is no need to use a strong fire, there is less risk of the pan deforming due to excessive heat exposure.

The high-strength 7th generation ceramic coating on the outer surface of the clad also increases the heat resistance of the pan. This ceramic coating is highly resistant to abrasion and therefore prevent the scratches. 

Iron Core that can be used for a long time with reduced thermal deformation

This sturdy product can be used with all types of ranges and is most efficient on IH (Induction Heating) type electric ranges.

In addition, the Thermal Engineering Design is applied on the edge of the pan. The open diagonal edge is designed to be less affected by strong heat. Since it can be used for a long time due to low heat deformation, you will be able to use it for a long time without a problem.

Meet Iron Core, an innovative metal pan that warms up in 1 minute, on Kickstarter now.