Fire System Installation Tips

Fire System Installation Tips

Each business must have a robust plan for fire safety and fire safety maintenance — which will keep employees and customers safe. When you first launch a business this is one of the most important aspects and gaining a fire safety certificate is a legal obligation prior to opening the doors. When it comes to installation of a fire system there are a number of factors to keep in mind which we are going to take a look into today. These are the key points which you need to address in order to meet fire safety requirements.

Installation of Fire Safety Equipment

One of the most important aspects of fire safety in the building is the installation of fire safety equipment. This includes fire extinguishers filled with both CO2 and AFFF foam. These extinguishers are used for different kinds of fires which pose a risk to the business. Additionally your business should have sprinklers installed, smoke alarms, correct signage and fire blankets. In many cases fires can be dealt with quickly with these measures, which will reduce the risk of a full scale fire breaking out. The amount of equipment required will depend on the size of the building and the machinery inside.

Fire Safety Training For Staff

All staff, without exception, should be fully trained in what to do in the event of a fire. This is a legal requirement and you must ensure that there is a solid plan in place for annual refresher courses. This will include how to deal with fires and what the evacuation policy is within your business.

Fire Drill Schedule

Simply training your staff on what to do in the event of a fire is not enough, you must also carry out regular drills so as to ensure that the training has hit home. This will not need to be public knowledge amongst your employees, but management should have a fire drill schedule in place.

Encourage Good Behaviors

Most fires that breakout are the result of poor practices within the business. This is why fire safety should be uppermost in the minds of your employees. Keeping liquids away from electrical devices; ensuring that fire escapes are not blocked and generally minimizing risk of fire and the spread of fire are critical to the overall fire safety of the building.

Seek Fire Safety Support

One of the best ways in which your business can ensure successful fire safety installation is to use a private company which will help to walk you through each component. Companies like Fire and Wire will work alongside your business to give you all the support you need. Using a company like this will ensure that your business meets every legal requirement regarding fire safety. Beyond this they will act as your first port of call for any advice or support that you may need.

Regardless of how you go about the fire safety installation and fire safety maintenance, the importance of carrying this out cannot be understated. Fire safety is critical in potentially saving lives and maximizing the safety of everyone who works within the business.

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