Ideas for Adding Artisan Touches to Your Dining Room

Ideas for Adding Artisan Touches to Your Dining Room

Very few people would choose factory-made furniture over an artisan piece for a number of obvious reasons – higher quality craftsmanship, unique designs, a wider variety of exotic materials and colors, and fewer new furniture smells from factory chemicals (many of which are toxic). Then there’s also the nostalgia and sense of appreciation that comes with any handcrafted piece.

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The only downside of artisan furniture would be that there is so much diversity that indecisiveness can take hold when trying decide on new pieces to incorporate into a room’s design. If you’re looking for ideas for some artisan touches to your dining room, consider shopping around for the following items:

Cabinets and Chests

A beautiful storage or display cabinet can offer a picturesque place to display dishes, antiques, souvenirs and other artifacts. Some of the more stylish artisan choices in this department include:

  • Wine cabinets
  • Leaf storage cabinets
  • Curio cabinets
  • Pantry cabinets
  • Sideboards
  • Rollout cabinets
  • Jewelry chests
  • Planter chests
  • Blanket chests

The pieces listed above are just a few examples to help you start brainstorming about items you can use to add diversity to your dining area. Consulting with an artisan furniture maker about additional ideas for components would be a good next step.

Serving Accessories

Tabletop and serving accessories are popular artisan items that can enhance the elegance of your dining room. These are great extras to have around accenting your main pieces, while also adding conveniences and artistic expression to your dining experience. A few examples of such accessories would be:

  • Serving trays and carts
  • Lazy Susans
  • Cup coasters
  • Skillet holders
  • Utensil holders

Of course, there are dozens of accessories that would go beyond the scope of this list, but starting with the above recommendations should put you on the path to uniquely accessorizing your kitchen. If you’re on a budget and are looking to add a few finishing touches, this would be the category to start with.

Seating Arrangements

Artisan furniture makers love producing chairs, benches, and stools. Amish Furniture Factory is a prime example of an artisan outlet with a wide variety of dining seats. Although the table is considered the focal point of the dining room, seating is a close second and people do take notice of it. With that said, seats intrinsically provide an ideal canvas for a carpenter to sculpt something special and should therefore be among the first artisan items you should be looking to add to your dining set.

Grab Some Custom Pieces

Finally, don’t be afraid to incorporate some random art pieces into your design. Some of the most impressive artisan artifacts are those that serve no purpose other than being beautiful art. Wood statues, miniature sculptures, and similar items can add a lot of character to an otherwise bland space. Expanding your horizons by looking beyond general furniture items is a great way to add some unpredictable flair to your dining room. Where will you start?