Are Your Doors And Windows Driving Up Your Energy Bill?

Are Your Doors And Windows Driving Up Your Energy Bill?

In the last 2 decades homeowners have been paying more attention than ever before to bother their bills, and in particular their energy costs in general. This is not to say that prior to this nobody cared about their bills, but this generation has the opportunity to be able to compare different prices, make use of online offers and find out the truth behind our bills, thanks to the internet. If you are someone who is conscious about your energy usage around the home, you are probably always shutting doors, turning things off and have a somewhat militant approach to the heating. This is all well and good, but what about the windows and doors in your home, how much money could they be costing you?

The Issues

When windows and doors are installed in the home, they are surrounded by strips of insulation, usually made from rubber, which make sure that the window or door is perfectly sealed against the home. Unfortunately what happens over time is that the seal erodes away, leaving your windows and doors with small air holes surrounding them, and leaving your home without insulation. Once this has happened to your windows and doors, you need to take action to ensure that you are not costing yourself more money.

How Energy Bills Will Rise?

Once the windows and doors in the home have began to lose their insulation, the cost of your energy bills will gradually start to rise, for a number of reasons. The best example to give would be a cold day, the last thing that you want is for your home to be as cold as the outside. If you don’t have windows and doors which are properly insulated, you will be inviting in all of the cold air from outside. The result of this is a cold house, so putting the heating on, or turning it up makes the most sense. There is a problem here however, as the warm air that your boiler is pumping out, will find its way through your windows and doors, and not having the impact that you want. All in all you are left on a cold day, with heating that doesn’t work very well, that is literally pumping your money out of the door, whilst you are forced to wrap up to stay warm.

The Fixes

There are two options for you if you have lost the insulation in your windows or doors, the first is to use an expert company such asĀ who specialize in energy efficient windows, and replace all of your windows and doors in the home. Alternatively you can have your windows and doors resealed, as a temporary measure, to make sure that your home is not losing heat, introducing cold air and costing you more money in energy bills than is necessary.

Don’t pay out money for nothing, get your windows and doors insulated ASAP.