DIY Bedrooms for Little Racers

DIY Bedrooms for Little Racers

It seems that all too soon, babies become toddlers, and the pretty nursery that suited them when they were under 18 months no longer satisfies their eager little minds. Little boys, in particular, are often fascinated by toys that move, and nothing moves better than a racing car, as every big little boy will admit.

Designing a racing-themed bedroom

Fortunately, as the decorating industry has cottoned onto the fact that most little boys seem to adore racing cars, parents will have no difficulty in sourcing the various components with which to create a racing-themed bedroom. The first area to start with are the walls, and these are very simple to theme with a coat of blue, green or gray paint serving as the background upon which shapes, such as a pit stop area or even just red flags and signage, can be added. To add more detailed images, it should be easy to find a racing car border or mural, or failing this, simply cut suitable pictures out of children’s books and stick these on the wall. Other motifs can be added by stenciling directly onto the wall, whilst parents can add a 3D or textured quality to the room by positioning actual flags around the walls and hanging them from the ceiling.

When it comes to flooring, there are both carpets and vinyl floor coverings which have been designed with racing tracks and other racing motifs on them, and these will be great for little boys to get out their cars and play on.

The furniture

There are plenty of novelty beds available in stores, so it should be easy to find a toddler-sized racing car bed, and as little boys like bright colors, these will probably be either red or blue. The adventurous DIY parent may extend the theme by building a permanent boxlike structure above the bed, which when painted, could resemble the entrance to a garage. This may also be an excellent way to add extra storage space to the room.

Other pieces of furniture, such as a table and chair, stool and wardrobe, can simply be painted with stripes, flags and tracks to tie in with the color theme, or for added detail, covered in a checkered vinyl.

The soft furnishings

In regards to bed linen, a coordinated duvet set which features cars and racing should be easy to find, but otherwise these should again tie in with the room’s color theme, while checkered curtains or blinds would look great as window dressings. A racing-themed rug thrown down over a hard floor would bring the different elements together.


As a little boy may still like to have a soft light on of a night, it is a good idea to include different levels of lighting in the room. The ceiling pendant could be changed to a series of spotlights which have models of racing cars attached to the poles, while table lamps could feature shades with pictures of cars and racing tracks on them.