What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners You Can Choose For Your Home?

What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners You Can Choose For Your Home?

One of the biggest decisions you make about air conditioners is what type you want to install. Most people out there have no idea of the fact there are different types so what should you choose? Generally, there are 4 main AC types that you may want to install at home, according to specialists at Actron Air. Here is what should be known about them.

Split AC Systems

This is the most common of all air conditioner types in the US. The evaporator coil is inside the home, removing moisture and heat from air. On the outside you have a metal case that includes the condenser coil and compressor.

Indoor AC component is linked to a ducts network. The blower will circulate cold air throughout the ducts in order to reach all home parts. A split AC system is economical if there is a central furnace present as it will share ductwork.

Heat Pumps

These are variations of traditional split systems. Heat will be pumped out of the home during summer. During winter, heat is taken from outdoor air and then used indoors to warm the entire house. Heat pumps can effectively be utilized for cooling and heating, but only in a milder climate. If the temperature remains under freezing level for a long time, the heat pump cannot work properly. The alternative in this case would be a geothermal heat pump or a ground-source. The only real problem is that the geothermal heat pump is much more expensive than the other HVAC systems.

Package Central AC Units

These air conditioners will combine compressor, condenser and evaporator in just one unit. The AC is normally put on a concrete slab close to the home’s foundation or on the roof. There are ducts running through roofs or exterior walls that draw air inside. Such an air conditioner is quite useful when used in smaller commercial buildings. If combined with natural gas furnace or heating coils, having a separate building furnace present is no longer a need.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Systems

These are recommended if the houses do not have ductwork present. Similarly to the basic split systems, there is a combination of outdoor condenser and compressor with indoor air handling units. Such units will be mounted higher on walls and include blowers. Tubing will connect outdoor and indoor units. Then, refrigerant is circulated between them. Every indoor unit will be installed in separate rooms and will only cool that room, similarly to the window air conditioner.

Generally, the ductless systems are recommended because you can install them with ease. There is no need to tear up walls for ductwork. Also, there is a temperate control that can be achieved in every single room. In addition, the efficiency is higher because ductwork energy loss associated is avoided.

The problem is that you will end up paying more, especially when you need to cover multiple rooms instead of the entire house at once. However, for most homes, this is actually the solution you really want to consider first due to efficiency.