Coolest Jewelry Trends

Coolest Jewelry Trends

The jewelry industry is always changing and it has never been so exciting as it is today. Here are some of the coolest jewelry trends that are important to know whether you are buying as a gift, for yourself, or an all-important engagement ring.

Hand Made
Websites that connect jewelry makers direct with consumers are one of the coolest jewelry trends. Taking cues from farmer’s markets; today sites such as Etsy are putting artists in direct contact with consumers, which allows the buyer to purchase customized and super unique trendy pieces of jewelry. Running the gamete from low cost plastic earrings to high end rings with gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones; these “direct to artist” websites are both creating new trends and fulfilling a consumer demand for authentic and unique pieces of artwork that stand out frmo the run of the mill mall purchased, mass produced pieces of jewelry.

Arm Cuffs

Not to be confused with bracelets arm cuffs are worn on the forearms or even biceps and are very popular in woman’s fashion this year. With droves of celebrities rocking these funky pieces this season expect to be seeing these arm cuffs everywhere. Usually made out of gold, arm cuffs are a fun way to accessorize with everyone’s favorite precious metal. Buying gold isn’t like buying cheap plastic, so you can justify your splurge on jewelry as more an investment. Though if you really are looking to buy bulk gold consider Birch Gold . This company sells gold and silver products, but they do not promise a profitable investment. The gold and silver are designed to protect your wealth, not to improve your wealth. If you still want an arm cuffs but gold is out of your price range there are plenty of knock-off lower cost options as well.

Crystals and Mood Stones

Something fun and funky that is one of the coolest trends in jewelry right now is crystals and moonstones. A throwback to the 1970’s, these stones are said to give special powers and boost your moods and energy. While the science is still out on this claim, there is no doubt that these crystals and mood-stone inspired rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are very trendy at the moment. These stones don’t hold value like gold or silver, though they will complete your look and maybe even boost your mood or provide other supernatural powers. If you are looking for something fun and trendy, consider crystals and mood stones.

Next time you are shopping for yourself or that special someone, be sure you are up on the latest jewelry trends to make sure they love your gifts. Remember unique handmade pieces are very trendy right now and will guarantee you are getting something one-of-a-kind, combine this with a classic precious metal such as gold and you are ensuring a piece of jewelry that is simultaneously trendy and timeless and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of whoever sees it.