Big Day Bash: 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas for an Awesome Reception

Big Day Bash: 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas for an Awesome Reception

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. So, of course, it’ll always be memorable to you but what about making it a lasting memory for your guests? Instead of going the traditional reception route, try switching it up a bit.

Give your attendees the time of their lives as well by adding some spice to your reception activities. Check out these five wedding entertainment ideas that will help to turn up the fun at your reception.

1. Unique Live Performers

One of the best wedding entertainment ideas is hiring live performers to really liven the party up. This doesn’t always have to be singers or a band (although those are great too).

You can think outside of the box and consider finding all types of people like fire-throwers, costumed dancers, magicians or aerialists. If you have a theme, try finding performers that will coincide with it.

2. DIY Stations

Giving your guests something they can be hands-on with and take home is a top choice of wedding entertainment ideas. There are plenty of things that you can offer them, such as making paintings or flower crowns.

Find something that’s enjoyable for everyone and make sure you have enough stations or structure the time slots appropriately for everyone to get a chance.

3. Special Guests

Who doesn’t love a surprise guest anywhere they go? This doesn’t have to be a person (although it definitely can be). It could be characters or animals.

If you have it in the budget, consider booking a celebrity or maybe someone that is locally popular.

4. Cool Transportation

Being at the reception is fun but no one says the excitement has to stay in one spot. Offer your guests rides in cool modes of transportation, such as vintage cars or horsebacks.

You can even have some stationary vehicles that allow people to stay parked and still have a good time. Try booking some wedding limo and party bus rental services for your event.

5. Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great way to keep people engaged and entertained throughout the reception. They don’t take up a lot of space and come with cool props.

And one of the best parts is that people have a photo memory of the amazing time that they had at your wedding.

6. Artists

Artists can add a lot of elegance, sophistication or just cool ambiance to your special occasion. Having someone like a live painter or ice sculptor working on their creative pieces during your event would be a thrill for people to see.

7. Fireworks

Most epic occasions end with fireworks. so this is one of the best wedding entertainment ideas for anyone who wants a legendary reception.

Fireworks are exhilarating and the epitome of celebratory. Add a firework show to your wedding reception and watch people’s eyes light up- literally.

Enjoyed These Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

If you’re interested in some wedding entertainment ideas that will leave a lasting impression in your guests’ minds for years to come then consider trying one or a few from this list. For more wedding tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog today.

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