Assault Defense- Why is it hard for people facing false accusations

Assault Defense- Why is it hard for people facing false accusations

Child assault is a serious offense with implications more grave than you can imagine. The thought of criminals exploiting young children is disgusting and traumatizing. They deserve the harshest form of punishment with no mercy. Not surprisingly, people guilty of child assault lose their reputation and social standing forever. But there is another side of the picture because a misunderstanding incriminates people in a lot of cases. The worst part is that most of them end up paying heavy penalties, even for an unintentional act, only because of the grave nature of the crime.

No court will take the offense lightly because children are involved and exploited. In fact, they will definitely ensure that the accused is punished harshly if their crime is proved. Moreover, the accused can expect to be considered guilty in the public eye even before trial in court. If you are falsely accused of indulging in child assault, you must have aggressive legal representation to build a viable defense and save yourself from penalty. Failing to prove your innocence means you and your family will suffer from stigma for a lifetime. Let us explain how to build a viable defense when wrongly accused of child assault.

Know the possible reasons for false charges

Before building a defense strategy, you must understand the possible reasons for false charges. After all, it is essential to prove a lack of intent in court to show your innocence. There are several ways you may find yourself facing false child assault accusations. You may find yourself in trouble if a child misunderstands your action and reports it to their parents or an elder. For example, you may have touched them lovingly or without a wrong intention. But the child may misconstrue it as bad touch because parents make kids aware of the same. Besides physical assault, you may find yourself facing a charge of exposure to a minor. Accidental exposure refers to exposing your private parts unintentionally to a child. It could happen in a public restroom or trial room in a shopping mall. Although the offense does not involve physical contact, it is considered an emotional one.

Prove an honest mistake or misunderstanding

Whatever the reason for facing false child assault accusations, you have only one way to come out clean. The last thing you want is to live with the stigma of being a child offender,  so you must do your best to address the accusation with a defense plan. You must let a sex crimes attorney fight for you and prove it was an honest mistake or misunderstanding. You do not deserve to be punished if your intentions were misunderstood by a naive kid. A seasoned attorney can establish the facts in court and ensure that it sees the act as an honest mistake or misunderstanding rather than an intentional crime. They can validate it with strong arguments and supportive proof such as video footage of the incident. Likewise, they can bring witnesses to testify about your integrity and character at work, at home, and in the community. Since you need a robust defense, make sure to have the best professional handling your case.

Understand the steps after the accusation

While a sex crime attorney can help you build a viable defense strategy, you must do your bit to ensure being on the right side of the law. A child can report the incident to their parents or someone around. They will inform the law enforcement department about the matter. The investigation begins and the authorities can take you for questioning. But you must use your right to remain silent because every word you say can go against you in court. The best option is to hire an attorney before giving your statement and follow their advice ahead. You can discuss the details of the case with your lawyer and provide them with all available evidence to use for creating a defense strategy.

Child assault allegations make the most daunting form of a sex crime that leads to severe penalties. If convicted or even accused of this crime, you may end up with a black mark that can impact your employability and social standing. People see you as a criminal, and there are good chances of being left out of the professional circles and the community. Building a defense strategy early is crucial to saving your name and reputation. The sooner you consult an attorney, the better are your chances of saving your career, relationships, and life in the long run.