Alternative Methods of Saving Money with Technology

Alternative Methods of Saving Money with Technology

There are lots of easy ways to save money out there. We’ve hunted down what we think are a collection of some of the best. There’s not an area of your spending that couldn’t be improved by a useful app or two. We’ve split our saving ideas into four handy areas of Entertainment, Travel, Household Bills and Budgeting and Finance.


Let’s start with the area where you could save a bundle. There are a number of sites like Netflix where you could save on going to the movies, but we’d imagine most of you have heard of these already. Are you a member of your local library? Well, you should be as many library memberships now come with access to Freegal where you can stream movies and music all for free. If you enjoy reading then how about trying out Megareader? It comes with 26 books preloaded to the app and has access to over 2 million free books and articles.


We love to save money travelling. Start by always checking Skyscanner before booking your flights to that far flung destination. If you are travelling last minute there is a great app called Hoteltonight and it has a growing number of cities outside of North America listed. A really great tool for more local travel is a car parking app, there are a few, but we think the AA has a useful one that will save you money by finding free car parking spaces for you.

Household Bills

Household bills are a great place to save cash. Start with voucher websites like Groupon and to save money on shopping. We think comparing your supermarket shopping list in different shops to see who is the cheapest with Mysupermarket is a wonderful way to save on a weekly shop. The First Utility app is a great way to keep a check on your energy spending and to find out if you are spending more than other people or how much energy saving lightbulbs are really saving you.

Budgeting and Finance

Okay, budgeting and finance can be dull, but it’s a necessary part of saving money. Every bank account comes with a mobile app now and using them can really keep a control on your spending. Budgeting apps can also be super useful. Spend Today Save Tomorrow is a great app, it’s all about saving enough money for the weekend, so it will tell you how much you’ve got to spend today ensuring you will have enough cash for what you want to do at the weekend. Ontrees Personal Finance could be a useful way of combining all of your bank accounts in one place to simply keep track of everything at once. ATM hunter is a great way to save on getting cash out of your account by showing you where the nearest ATM is that is free for you to use.

Saving money can be easy with the right tools and these are just a few suggestions we think work really well. Nobody likes spending more than they have to and keeping an eye out for money saving technology will keep you right.