8 Successful Mompreneurs Share Their Best Tips

8 Successful Mompreneurs Share Their Best Tips

The number of mothers starting their own businesses is trending upwards. Many times, what they pursue is a more flexible profession or activity to adapt to the needs of their families, such as these business ideas for mompreneurs, suggested by the online lender Camino Financial.
However without a good approach to this new adventure, an opposite result may happen and the “mompreneur” can end up exhausted. 

If you have children and want your own enterprise, you need a solid plan to ensure time for everything, including yourself.  Learn and get inspired by the following successful mompreneurs who create businesses that flourish while enjoying quality time with their children and partners.

Advice from successful mompreneurs

If you are reading this article, it’s because either you already are a mompreneur and need advice to move forward successfully, or because you are convinced to start your own business to decide your daily schedule, the amount of income you want to receive, and the time you give to work, family, and to yourself.

The best way to get ideas and inspiration is to listen and follow the tips from people that have achieved what you seek. Follow this tips from 8 great mompreneurs to grow your business and find the necessary balance between family and work:

1. Kim Pratt

Creator of Freckle Baby.

“Be open to seizing opportunities and reaching out to people you think would never notice you”.

2. Natalia Eckdahl

Co-founder on ScheduleMAX.com and host of The Biz Chix Podcast.

“Even if it doesn’t feel like you have enough time, take care of yourself first”.

3. Luisa Zhou

Creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur System.

“You have to ask potential clients. Make a really simple offer, ‘Hey, if you want to work together more, if you want more results, I can help you with A, B and C. Let me know if you’d like to work together”.

4. Nagina Abdullah

Leader of MasalaBody.com

“I read people’s stories, I met them in person, and learned from them whenever and whatever I could”.

5. Veronica Roomney

MyModernBrand Founder.

“You are who you surround yourself with. It is so critical for your happiness, success, and overall self-acceptance to surround yourself with people who believe in and inspire you”.

6. Whitney Lundeen

Owner and creator of Sonnet James.

“Hire someone to come in and help with the kids and the housework. It’s hard to be creative and clear-headed when you feel stretched too thin”.

7. Danielle Bayard Jackson

Co-Founder of Stride Media Group.

“The relationships we build with our clients are so important, and now I make sure that our missions align before we partner because that way we all win and the outcomes are rewarding for everyone”.

8. Patricia Fletcher

Award-Winning Brand Marketer, and Green Entrepreneur.

“Prepare your family. When mom’s schedule and focus changes, everyone has to get with the program”.

 Mompreneurs: you are doing a great job. But never forget to allow time for yourself, and surround yourself with passionate people who support you. 

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We would love to read your questions and experiences as a mompreneur or get further advice from you to other mothers that have decided to forge their own path by starting a new business. Comment below!