6 Tips for Great-Looking Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

6 Tips for Great-Looking Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

Mirrors and glass surfaces can be some of the more difficult things to truly keep clean in the house. Due to their transparent and reflective nature, it only takes a few scratches or streaks to make them look unbelievably filthy and dirty, which could negatively affect the appearance of your home. To help you prevent this, here are some great tips on how to keep mirrors clean and streak-free the easy way.

Use microfiber cloths or towels for cleaning. When it comes to cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces such as mirrors and pure glass, nothing beats microfiber cloths or towels. A microfiber cloth is specially woven so that its surface packed with very tiny fibers. These fibers are significantly more effective when it comes to picking up and holding on to dust, dirt, and moisture. Make sure to get the high-quality microfiber cloths, which have more fibers per square inch. They are much more durable and much more absorbent as well.

Clean from top to bottom. To ensure that the glass surface you’re cleaning will be streak-free, learn how to work with gravity and start your cleaning process from the top of the glass. This way, the cleaning solution you’re using will be dripping down onto the areas that you haven’t washed or wiped down yet. This prevents any streaks, drops, or flecks from getting to the parts that you’ve already finished cleaning, or pooling around the edge of the glass.

Never spray or pour anything directly onto the glass or mirror. Spraying or pouring your preferred cleaning solution directly onto the mirror or glass is not only wasteful, it’s also ineffective. This method is more likely to leave streaks and spots because the product will dry directly on the surface. You’re also more liable to miss wiping certain spots. A better way is to spray or pour some of the glass-and-window cleaner onto your microfiber cleaning cloth before using the moistened cloth to wipe or lightly scrub the surface you want to clean.

Wash windows on a cloudy day. There is an advantage of washing or cleaning windows during a sunny day: it may help you see any specks or spots that you missed. The sun can also be a mood lifter; isn’t it a little easier to clean when the weather is pleasant? However, cleaning with clear skies means that cleaning fluid dries that much faster, which can result in unattractive streaking or spotting on your windows. As such, it is often better to clean windows during a cloudy or overcast day.

Clean corners with cotton swabs. The corners of mirrors and windows can be an especially tough area to deal with. They can actually end up even dirtier than the surfaces you are trying to clean, because dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate and worm their way into the joints. Give these corners a good cleaning with cotton swabs soaked in cleaning solution. This will ensure that you can get into the tiniest areas, giving your mirror or window that complete spotless presentation you’ve always wanted.

Wipe regularly. While you don’t necessarily have to clean your windows and glass surfaces every day, regular cleaning will go a long way toward preventing cloudiness, streaks, and dust build-up. Wipe mirrors and glass surfaces using a microfiber cloth once or twice a week to remove dust, lint, fingerprints, human and pet hair, and other debris and stains.

Just like with any other chore around the house, you can make things easier on yourself by doing things the smart way. With these cleaning tips in mind, you won’t need to exert as much effort or elbow grease to keep your mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces clean and attractive for days to come.

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