6 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas to Help You Plan the Basic Rehearsal Dinner

6 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas to Help You Plan the Basic Rehearsal Dinner

Nothing is more exciting than getting married!

A rehearsal dinner is a perfect way for families to meet and interact before the wedding. They have turned into a big celebration of their own.

Nowadays, weddings are becoming weekend-long celebrations and what better way to kick off the celebrations than with a planned rehearsal dinner.

Here are some rehearsal dinner ideas to help you plan a great rehearsal dinner.

  1. Decide on the Host

Traditionally the bride’s parents pay for the wedding and the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner.

But it’s the year 2019! And you don’t have to follow tradition. Many couples are opting to pay for the wedding themselves, leaving the rehearsal dinner to be split between both sets of parents.

Or if your parents are splitting the wedding, then you as the bride and groom should consider paying for the rehearsal dinner.

  1. Keep it Casual

A basic rehearsal dinner does not need to be a fancy 7-course meal. Instead, if the weather permits, opt for something outdoors. Finger food, food vans and rehearsal BBQ’s are becoming popular in summer months.

They are also a great way for both families to mingle and socialize in a relaxed environment.

Save the big sit down meal and black tie attire for the wedding!

  1. Pick a Unique Location

Having the rehearsal dinner in an unusual location will give the celebrations a whole different feel.

Consider a local parker, bowling alley or even beer garden. Lots of these places have catering packages. Another place to consider is your favorite restaurant. They are already kitted out to handle food, drinks and dessert orders and they can organize everything for you.

  1. Guest List

The rehearsal dinner guest list should include immediate family members and members of the bridal party.

You may consider hosting the out of town guests too since they have had to travel a long way to get to the wedding. If your list ends up pushing your budget, opt for drinks and canapes rather than a full meal.

Make sure you send out rehearsal dinner invitations.

  1. Good Timing

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is held the night before the wedding. Often this falls on a Friday.

If your wedding is on a Sunday or over a public holiday, then you may opt to have the rehearsal dinner 2 days before the wedding. This allows everyone time to relax the day before and get any final preparations done for the wedding. You may also consider a breakfast celebration the morning of or the day after the wedding, instead of a rehearsal dinner.

  1. Use the Dinner for Announcements

A rehearsal dinner the night before is the perfect place to announce any last-minute reminders.

Do your guests need to be sat in the ceremony area at a certain time? Think about other important messages you need to relay to your guests.

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

When it comes down to planning a rehearsal dinner, remember to have fun. Opting for a basic, relaxed celebration will break the tradition of a formal sit down meal and calm your nerves before the big day.

We hope you enjoyed our list of rehearsal dinner ideas.

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