5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Garden

5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Garden

Our home is like heaven to us. It is a place of retreat for almost everyone. We put the best of our efforts in putting up an appealing ambience, with every corner set up to provide comfort and relaxing atmosphere. From the bedroom to the kitchen, the lounge or the guest room; you can’t miss out any place that requires attention for the interior decoration

Each one of us has a different taste, hence our house reflects completely what we prefer according to our character and personality. That’s how important it is to have an appealing and inviting touch to your home. Every nook and corner speak about your attitude towards life and reflects how well you maintain your home. When we are talking about the home decor your garden is not excluded from it. Treat your garden as another room, taking clues from Mother Nature. Your garden is not only an excellent retreat from the indoor living, but it also provides peace and tranquillity with the presence of freshness of plants and other additions that you might give. You may be interested to give a bold and flashy look to your garden, without spoiling the natural beauty of its original shape.

As we come close to the end of the winter season, we are officially entering into the new season – a season for the backyard parties. However, for any season your garden is the best staycation retreat headquarter. The garden may already look beautiful but with the little addition and alteration, it can become one of the most attractive features of your house. You can add aesthetics to your outdoor area by providing a few extra features and adding more decorative elements. Let us discuss this in detail, how we can do so:

1. A Grand Entrance:  

The entrance should display the beginning of some interesting journey, inviting you for some untold story. Even if you have a small backyard or a little garden, adding the connected passageways or placing the stepping stone and the pebble stone in the pathways ignites the sense of mystery and pomp to the entrance. 

You can place the few decorative stepping stones throughout the garden to go in harmony with other items of display. You can build a magnificent arch for your entrance to your garden for an eye-catching landscape. Cover the arch entrance with vines and bougainvillea or hang the potted plants with the two pillars or place them at the entrance resting on the pedestals. You can also try making your own stepping stones by using broken china pieces, or if you are artistic enough you can paint the big concrete stones in the pattern you like the most and place them for a colourful stepping stone path directing the foot traffic. These stepping stones look marvellous when placed on the winding garden path. Alternating between dark and light huge concrete planks to be placed for the pathway can offer more visual depth or wooden planks for that enchanting woody forest feel. A small subtle way of adding colour to your garden is to add solar lights to your pathway. Solar lights are a great way of saving energy. Lit pathways give quite a romantic and fairy tale feel to your ordinary entrance of the garden. 

2. Plants are not only for the soil:

Without denying the fact that plantation all around is the heartbeat to your sophisticated landscaping project. The best way of adding colour to your garden is to simply plant more variety of flower-bearing plants. However, it is not essential to have rooted plants only. Hanging pots around at different places gives a surreal look to your landscape. The hanging plants could be hanged by the rope or inside the iron planters. Today, the go green project is buzzing all around the world and having your own little farm would be bliss if marked within the garden landscape. A small mini fence can be put around a small area as a canvas where you can plant your preferred fruits and vegetable to curb your home-grown organic food carving. You can paint your little fence in vibrant colours to add life and vibrancy.

3. Water features: 

You cannot miss out the water feature from adding into your landscape. Many people who have a greater area to play with, often add small streams of water running through their garden. However, water fountains can be placed in any size of the field or the backyard lawn for the majestic look. Birdbath water fountains another graceful feature to be added and is highly beneficial in hot and humid places where birds can grace your garden to quench their thirst. 

4. Build seating areas: 

The most important thing to have in your backyard or garden area is to add functional seating area/areas. You can either have a wrought iron bench where one can sit and relax after work and enjoy some peaceful time. Garden chairs are essential to fill up those open spaces of your landscape, or probably just the weather-proofed tree stumps to be used as a stool, to complete the outdoor retreat. Place your seating wisely without overcrowding the landscape. 

  • Lounging Area

If you have a huge backyard, you can pave the way leading to a concrete bench with colourful cushions and throws with the fireplace at the centre, to enjoy the cold winter evening. Your garden is another room in your house, do not consider it less important to be well decorated. Before planning the landscape for your garden, you must keep when the exclusive area for the Arbor or Patio. Invest properly to have a secluded lounging area, placing comfortable and cohesive wooden chairs and the centre coffee table. Use fabric furniture, or else do make sure that you equip the seats with vibrant cushions. Set up a trellis or gazebo with fabrics and pendant paper Chinese lamps.

  • Staycation calling

Some of us really crave for a vacation, here you have a huge canvas to build various spots for yourself to sit back and relax. You can add a bright coloured hammock to your garden porch or between the two trees in your backyard. Or maybe just hang a rustic tire tube; loop it over a sturdy branch for your kids to play.

5. Be wild in add-ons: 

You need not be only creative but should have the wildest imagination to recreate your landscapes and garden. There is absolutely no limitation to what you can please as an add-on, in order to grace the beauty of your garden. Few of the things are listed below:

  • Painted Concrete Statutory 
  • Bright painted birdhouses
  • Danglers in your gazebo/patio
  • Floating deck
  • Solar lights
  • Terracotta planter tower
  • Sun parasols
  • Colourfully painted rocks 

And a lot more!

Final verdict 

Your garden may already be at par and very well maintained but there is always room to some new additions and letting go of the old settings. The sky is the limit. Your garden has the potential to be one of your homes, a remarkable place of retreat with absolute great features. Renovate and recreate to maximize comfort and create a place for your relaxation and peaceful time. Just try to strike a balance between simplicity, sophistication, and class and you are good to go in preserving nature’s beauty.