5 Tips for Making a Business Out of Your Crafts

5 Tips for Making a Business Out of Your Crafts

Some people are more cut out to create artsy crafts with their hands rather than working behind a desk. If that’s you, why not create a great business out of your crafts? Starting a business isn’t exactly easy, so you’ll need some tips to get started.

  1. Designate Your Work Space

When they’re first starting out, most crafters work from home. They might convert a spare bedroom, garage, or shed into a workspace. It’s functional and easy to maneuver and keeps overhead costs low. If you’re doing the same, remember that you can always move to a designated office space or even a storefront when your sales soar.

This is a competitive business, so if you’re planning to create a storefront, consider partnering up with other crafters. You can not only sell your products, but also accept a commission from products that other crafters sell. It’s a great way to get your products out there while supporting your local crafting economy.

  1. Create Your Product Line

Your success depends a lot on your products. As a crafter, you must design products that are trendy, but also fresh and new. If you can take a creative spin on a popular craft, you can increase your clientele significantly.

Differentiate your product line regularly to allow for new trends. Watch Etsy best sellers to see what people in your niche are buying and adapt accordingly. Things will change faster than you might think!

It’s also important to limit your product line so that you’re showcasing only your best products. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they have too many items on the menu? It’s overwhelming and hard to make your decision. Also, the food is usually so-so because the chefs haven’t mastered any of their dishes—there are simply too many for them to handle well.

The same principle applies here. If you want a product line that excels, limit your sales page to include only the best ones.

  1. Know Your Customers

Every business owner must understand their customer base, and even if you’re not planning to open a storefront, you must know what customers you’ll be serving to determine which crafts to make, how to market them, and where to connect on social media.

The easiest way to figure out your customer base is to pull out a piece of paper and write down everything you know about your customers. Think about their age, where they live, their jobs, their disposal income, their tastes, their Pinterest pages, and anything else you know about them. This will be incredibly useful for helping you

  1. Attend Craft Shows

When you need to build up your clientele and brand awareness, there’s no better place to go than craft shows. Your target audience is grouped in one place where you have the chance to present your products and gain a solid clientele. Depending on the event and the location, you could have thousands of people milling past your booth, becoming familiar with your brand and products.

You won’t be the only one vying for the attention of your target audience, so try to stand out. Use appropriate props and colorful advertising to draw attention. You might also get a custom canopy so the eyes of visitors will instantly be drawn to your booth and products.

To increase awareness of your business, you can also use giveaways to gather emails from your target customers. With their permission, send them regular emails of your new products and updates on your business. This is one of the best ways to generate leads.

  1. Determine Where You’ll Sell

There are many platforms where crafters can make money. Some of the best include:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza
  • eBid
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

You may also create a website to sell your products. With good social media marketing, you can drive significant sales traffic to your site.

You might also ask local business owners if they’ll sell your products in their storefront. Many family-owned and operated stores are happy to do so if you offer them a commission on sales.

Starting a craft business can be incredibly rewarding, but it will take careful planning and work to get it off the ground. With the right tips and a certain amount of elbow grease, you can create an incredible career out of your home.

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