5 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

5 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

When someone passes away, knowing what to say to those who are grieving can be a very difficult, and sensitive matter, whether in person or in a written card. Finding the perfect gift for someone facing a loss can be just as daunting of a task, and while you are may be unsure of how to approach a conversation and what to say, there are still ways you can offer support and show that you care. 

The most traditional ways, of course, are sending flowers or a sympathy card. Both are very sincere and dependable ways to offer sympathy to the bereaved. However, if you would like to send genuine and unique In Loving Memory & Remembrance Gifts to your grieving friend or loved one, below is a collection of sympathy gifts to change those tears, if even for a moment, to a warm and comforted smile!

A Keepsake Memory Jar

A keepsake memory jar is a warm and lovely gift that friends and family of the deceased will hold dear. It can be used to hold keepsakes of their past loved one, such as pictures, letters, trinkets, and drawings. It’s a heartfelt gift to memorialize those who pass with loving and happy memories at hand. 

A Sympathy Gift Basket 

 Sympathy gift baskets are a great way to let a friend or loved one who is grieving know that you are always thinking of them. These gift baskets are filled with gourmet treats and snacks that they can enjoy on their own, or share with family and loved ones. This genuine gift sends comfort and sincerity of your well wishes and caring thoughts.

A Memorial Blanket or Quilt

A memorial blanket or quilt is a very unique gift. It is created out of garments that held significant meaning to the deceased. Snippets of other blankets, clothing garments, etc. are stitched together to create this memorial treasure. Just be sure to confirm the use of these garments to create the blanket or quilt is approved by your friend or loved one who is grieving. 

A Photo Album

Print out picture the old-fashioned way, and create a photo album for your friend or loved on of the person who is passed from their life. It’s a classic way to combine memories in one tangible place for your friend or loved one to hold near and dear, and to remember those fond and happy times together with the deceased, who may now be gone, but will never be forgotten, and will be remembered through fond visual memories!

A Memorial Tree

A Memorial Tree, which is a tree that can be planted in memory of someone who has passed, is a long -lasting gift to memorialize their memory. These trees grow and bloom, and last for generations for their family share and enjoy their memory. You can also plant a garden or place a memorial stone underneath with a quote, saying or memory of them. 

Give More With the Gift

Always remember, when a person is grieving, do not ever take anything personally. If you reach out to them, and they just are not ready to talk at that moment, or if you send them a sympathy gift, and don’t receive a heart felt response, or a thank you right away, it is not a reflection of you, or how they feel about their relationship with you. 

Do not get offended, or reach out to question them about their failure to respond. Those who are grieving may be going through any one of a number of emotions over the loss of their loved one, and they just may not be ready to have a conversation, or even to communicate the most brief and simplest of sentiments.

Just bare with them, as your patience and understanding will be more needed than anything else that can be offered. Although they may not express it, your gesture and gift in their time of loss and need are sure to be appreciated. Eventually they will come around, and when they do, be there for them, express your sympathy and understanding in a compassionate way, and let them know you are there for them.

Along with a gesture of sympathy in the form of a tangible gift, the greatest compliment you can give to that gift is letting your friend or loved one know that you genuinely care about what they are going through, and you will be there when they need you, to share in their moments of sorrow and their moments of joyous recollection of their passed loved one. You will be there to see them all the way through!