4 Inspirational Ways to Remember Loved Ones and Heal Your Grief

4 Inspirational Ways to Remember Loved Ones and Heal Your Grief

Losing a loved one leaves everyone in the family in a hurtful place. Whether the loss was expected or not, the pain feels just the same.

After the immediate requirements are handled such as funeral planning, distribution of assets, reviewing the will, and much more, you’ll be left wondering how to celebrate your loved one’s life for years to come.

Just because your loved one’s body has left you, does not mean that his or her spirit has. Your loved one’s spirit will live on for eternity, and you can ensure that he or she is remembered each and every day by finding a few ways to celebrate his or her life in healing ways.

Continue reading below for a few ideas that you’ll love to remember loved ones.

  1. Spread the Ashes

Spreading the ashes of a loved one is a wonderful way to honor him or her. There are a few spreading ashes ideas that you can consider. Think about your loved one’s favorite place to visit or a favorite hobby.

Visit the place where he or she would spend most of his or her time enjoying a favorite activity and let the ashes free. You can spread the ashes in the woods, on the beach, in a state that he or she always talked about visiting, or someplace else.

  1. Plant a Tree

Planting a tree in your loved one’s memory is a great way to have a place to remember him or her without harming the environment. It’s an environmentally friendly way to create a memorial spot. You can plant his or her favorite type of tree or any tree that’ll help you remember him or her by.

Plant the tree in your backyard, in the forest, or in their favorite spot. You’ll then have the opportunity to visit your loved one’s tree whenever you need to feel close to him or her.

  1. Create a Memory Box

You can create a memory box for your loved one that contains items that were once owned by your loved one. Place all types of objects into the memory box including hand-written notes, jewelry pieces, clothing items, and other special things.

Memory boxes are especially beneficial for little ones who’s memories might fade easily over time. Your little ones will always keep their memory of their loved one safe in their hearts when they can open the memory box whenever desired.

  1. Visit a Favorite Place

Did your loved one have a special location that they’d always enjoy visiting? Visiting this special place is a way to feel close to your loved one even after his or her passing.

When visiting, be sure to be in the moment. Cancel out all distractions and concentrate the mind on what you see, feel, hear, and smell. Think about all of the good times you spent with your loved one here.

Remember Loved Ones With These Celebration-of-Life Ideas!

When a loved one passes away, you’ll want to honor him or her for years to come. Try some of these ideas listed above or use them as inspiration to remember loved ones each day. Palm Beach Post obituaries can also help to preserve the history of your loved ones and allow future generations to find out more about their ancestors.

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