5 Healthy Ways To Cook Beef

5 Healthy Ways To Cook Beef

The average Australian consumes about 19.44 kilos of beef each year. Australia has the highest per capita meat consumption at close to 93kgs per year, while the rest is near the 30 kg mark. That said, beef consumption is still low compared to previous years, where it was 22.8 kgs in 2018-19. These are interesting statistics about beef consumption habits in Australia.

While a source of protein and other nutrients, beef also has high cholesterol, causing many people to reduce its consumption out of health concerns. By bringing a little change in the way you prepare the meat, you can continue to enjoy your favourite beef dishes, while still eating healthy. Here are some tips and tricks to cooking beef in a healthy way.

Grilling or Broiling It

If you love barbecues, then grilling is for you. It entails cooking the meat directly over the heat source, usually fire, at temperatures ranging between 375–450°F.

When the heat source is above the meat, it is called broiling. Thorough broiling requires the temperatures to range between 500–550°F. These methods can create PAH and AGE compounds that can be harmful, and therefore, it is recommended that the drippings be removed.

Simmering, Stewing, or Poaching

This technique involves cooking the beef in liquids at low temperatures. However, one must be cautious of overcooking it as it can render the meat tough. Poaching requires a shorter cook time and is recommended to minimise the generation of AGEs. Make surethat you use the liquid you cook the meat in to ensure that you do not lose the all-important B Vitamins.

Pan Frying

Pan-frying or stir-frying over high heat is a great way to get flavourful meat morsels. Since the cooking time is low, all the nutrients are retained, making the meat healthy. A word of caution, high temperature can produce heterocyclic amines (HAs), which can be harmful. Therefore, marinating the meat in fruit juices, herbs, and spices is a good idea as it can reduce the production of HAs.

Slow Cooked Beef

Ideal for one-pot dinners, the beef is cooked in a crock-pot for hours on slow heat at temperatures ranging between 190°F to 250°F. The low temperatures reduce the production of harmful compounds. This trick works well on cuts such as brisket and helps in making it highly tender and full of flavour.

Pressure Cooked Meat

Pressure cookers are a moist cooking method that cooks tough meats quickly due to the buildup of pressure in the pot. It reduces the cooking time significantly and reduces the loss of vitamins. You can add all the seasoning into the pot and cook a great one-pot meal in no time. The only disadvantage of this cooking method is the time required to let the pot cool before checking if it is cooked and reheating if not cooked.

Beef is the most consumed meat in Australia. The concerns over its adverse impact on your health may have forced you to reduce meat consumption, but not anymore. You can use these tips on cooking beef to make it healthy and tasty. You no longer have to give up your favourite food to remain healthy.