5 Handy Tips to Replacing Your Old Curved Radiator  

5 Handy Tips to Replacing Your Old Curved Radiator  


Image by beth-yellowhousedays via Flickr

With so many wonderful colours, textures, materials and styles of heating available, updating your tired old curved radiator has never been easier. The following tips will help you bring your home heating into the present, in many delightfully simple ways.

  • Search Far and Wide

Once you have decided that the time has come to update your curved radiator it helps to cast your nets far and wide in the search for an ideal replacement. One of the best ways to do this is by using Google’s image search function and comparing photos of curved radiators side by side. This modern day equivalent of the old scrapbook technique helps one quickly narrow down the options by seeing example after example of the types of colours, styles and materials one is most attracted to in a curved radiator.

For those web savvy shoppers, an application like Pinterest is ideal for frequently browsing and updating your favourite selections and storing collections of images in an easy to access location.

  • Understand Your Requirements

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by some of the technical jargon that litters the home heating landscape. Basically, it’s a simple affair to measure the size of the rooms that will need to be heated and convey this information to the sales consultant who will help clarify your requirements. There are also online heating calculators available that will make the task even easier.

Once you have an idea of the raw power needed to provide adequate heating, it is simply a matter of checking the output of the models of curved radiator you find most appealing and making sure they are going to be up to the task.

  • Source a Local Supplier

In terms of confidence and convenience, it is always better to find a local supplier that you can meet with to discuss your needs and view the range of appliances in the flesh. While online catalogues are a great place to start, actually seeing and touching the heater you are attracted to can be a positive and reassuring experience. Subtle details like texture and colour variations are only possible to discern in person. Asking to see the suppliers range in person may yield some surprising results. Oftentimes, websites can become outdated and suppliers have access to much more stock than they advertise online.

  • Service and Integrity

Meeting your heating retailer in person makes it easier to discern their level of customer service and professionalism. Always try to get a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or carefully research the company for positive customer experiences. Trust only a reliable supplier like Radiator Curving and you will surely get a high quality radiator that will surely last long.

Heating is a job you want done right, the very first time. Doing a little background research and using common sense will go a long way to ensuring positive results are achieved.

  • Responsive and Timely Action

Once you’ve found your perfect curved radiator, the next step is to have it professionally installed. Dealing face to face with a heating company will help you convey your needs and timelines to the sales representative and make the experience much more personable.

Companies that operate solely online often make promises about deliveries, unstocked items or the availability of installers that they cannot fulfil. Whereas, an established local company with a reputation to uphold have immediate access to stock, will employ their own installers or have a list of trusted tradespeople they regularly deal with and highly recommend.

Exchanging your tired old radiator with a stylish replacement will radically lift the appeal of your home. Using these simple tips will help make glamming up your current heater even easier than imagined.