3 top tips for looking after the environment

3 top tips for looking after the environment

Over the years, the humankind has been inventing ways to simplify life not knowing the very upgrade aspects also threaten their existence. Worse, most people knowingly destroy the environment without minding the aftermath effect that might occur.

Here are some of the ways you can look after the environment;

1. Reducing pollution from vehicles

During these modern days, the ratio of people to cars is almost getting at per. There are so many vehicles on the road that pollute the air with their exhausts. Several studies have proved that the smoke from cars can lead to premature deaths. The following are ways of preventing pollution of the environment from vehicles;

• Consider driving less. You can help take care of the environment by not driving frequently. Instead, you can use alternatives like sharing a car with a workmate or use the public transport more often.

• Driving smartly. You should not exceed speed limits, join several tasks in one trip, keep your vehicle well-tuned, regularly replace its air filter. Always check the pressure of the tires.

• Reduce idling. Whenever you are not driving, for more than ten seconds, you should turn off your car expect when you are in traffic. This not only prevents pollution to the environment but also helps you save on fuel.

• Buy a car with a three-way catalytic converter – if you have to drive, then you should drive a car that has a three-way converter this will help decrease nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon released to the environment by 90 percent.

2. Reducing pollution of chemicals

As urban centers go on developing so is the use of chemicals from industries. This leads to acid rains and destruction of the ozone layer. Both human beings and animals are at risks if this happens. You can help prevent the effects of chemical use by;

• Use domestic chemicals and products before they go bad or get to their expiry date.

• If you are not using things like paints and chemicals you can give them away to someone who might put them to use

• Recycle, reuse or contribute liquids from cars. Do not throw them in the regular trash or dispense them down the drain.

• Use the waste from fruits and vegetable as mulch or compost rather than chemical compost. You can also try herbicides and pesticides that do are non-chemical on your yard.

3. Greenhouse effect

Many of the power stations burn fossil fuels to give us electricity. The burning of the fuels pollutes the environment with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which lead to climate change. Here are some ways of preventing the greenhouse effect.

• The power stations should use alternatives from renewable energy sources like wind.

• Use a fan instead of air conditioning

• Switch off electronics and lights when they are not in use.

• Use alternative bulbs like energy-efficient light bulbs – they cost more but save money and energy over time.

• Use a microwave oven to heat small meals.


The environment is at high risk if people continue such products that threaten the sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem. It is the responsibility of everyone to take care of the environment since we all contribute in polluting it one way or another. For more information, visit https://uk.glasdon.com/recycling-bins and get more guidelines on how to prevent pollution of the environment through things that we do every day, if the tips are taken into action, the world will be a better place to live in