2017 Bathroom Design Trends

2017 Bathroom Design Trends

Every year sees new home decor trends and 2017 is no exception. Today, we are going to look specifically at bathroom trends.

The spa trend continues

The fact that people are spending more time at home means that they are prepared to spend more money on their homes and that includes their bathrooms. Sales of soft fluffy, hotel-style towels are still rising as people are spending money upgrading their bathroom suites. Many homeowners are taking things a step further and creating a spa experience in their own home.

Hotel chic on the cheap

The hotel chic trend has proved so popular that it has been carried forward into this year, and is growing in popularity. Many ordinary homeowners have discovered that they can use faux finishes to create convincing-looking marble, and that they can buy high-quality stone effect vinyl flooring to complete the look. Therefore, the luxury look is being recreated in bathrooms across the nation.

Retro bathrooms

This year, the heritage look is hot, however, unlike in the past, you are not restricted to one era. It is especially easy to buy Edwardian and Victorian style bathroom suites.

Metal baths are back

Part of this heritage trend is the return of standalone baths made from metal. They are very much back in fashion. If you do not fancy a metal bath, you can still tap into the standalone bath trend by mounting an ordinary bathtub on a frame to raise it slightly off the floor.

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Feature showers

In many bathrooms, showers are being turned into the focal point. Retailers have responded to this demand by producing striking shower cabins and enclosures that look like something out of a sci-fi movie, especially the circular ones. You can buy these new style shower cabins from betterbathrooms.com as well as a range of luxury shower enclosures.

Wallpaper on the walls

Another surprising trend is people putting up wallpaper in their bathrooms. How long this will last remains to be seen, but for now creating a feature wall is proving too tempting for many homeowners to resist. If you would like to do this make sure that you buy wallpaper and wallpaper paste that is designed to be used in a damp environment.

Pastel colours with a shimmer

The main colour trend for 2017 is the use of pastel colours in the bathroom. Powder blue is set to be the most popular choice. To add a little interest you can choose gloss rather than matt paint. This reflects the light, and water, creating a shimmering effect.

Mirrored finishes

Bathroom mirrors are once again getting bigger. People are waking up to the fact that making the most of the light in their bathrooms is a good way to make the room feel larger, and classier.

Tactile fabrics

All of these smooth finishes are offset by the inclusion of highly-textured fabrics in the bathroom. Fluffy towels, furry bathmats and baskets to store towels and flannels are all adding contrast and interest to modern bathrooms.

If you would like more decorating ideas for your modern bathroom, you can find them here.

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