10 Olympic Parties Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday a Smash

10 Olympic Parties Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday a Smash

Want to make your child’s birthday party winning? Use one of these olympic parties ideas to make everyone who comes feel like they won gold.

The Summer Olympic Games begin July 24th in Tokyo Japan and the next Winter Games start February 9th, 2020. If you are anxiously awaiting the start of the games, you are an Olympic Junkie. Instead of being concerned about your obession turn it into a top-notch party for your children.

Below are just some of the amazing Olympic parties ideas you can use to make your party a success.

10 Olympic Parties Ideas that Take the Gold

While many think of the Olympics as the ultimate competition, it is also a chance for collaboration, international awareness, and good old fashion fun.

1. The Torch

The Olympic Torch travels the world brining awareness to the event. Use a paper towel tube to create an Olympic Torch for a fun relay.

If you need an activity for the attendees lay out the supplies to create their own torch to take home. Use this opportunity to share the history of the Olympic Torch with the next generation.

2. Opening Parade

Incorporate the festivities of the Opening Paradee into the start of the party. You can use this as an icebreaker if the group is a mix of school and family friends. It is also a great way to give a tour of the house, where the party will happen, and any off-limits areas. 

Encourage older children to dress up as their favorite country or provide costumes for the younger ones.

If attendees are from different schools, consider using their school songs or mascots for the music or costume choices.

3. Olympic Rings

You can incorporate the Olympic Rings into multiple aspects of the party. Use Hulu hoops to decorate the party, then use them for a 2 or 3 legged race, and finally give them away as party favors.

Cupcakes are always fun party food. Let guests decorate them in the colors of the Olympic Rings. You can also set the cupcakes up in a ring formation to add to the festivities. 

If you like the rign theme, consider having all “ringed food”, pizza, donuts, bread rings, etc and go all out.

4. Olympic Colors

Blue, yellow black, green, red are the colors of the Olympic Rings and they have a rich history of their own. Incorporate these colors into the decorations, the cake, and food colors.

The use of these colors will bring together the theme of the party in a cohesive way. Have guests wear their favorite colors to the party.

5. Olympic Food- International

For older kids, create a buffet of international food to sample and enjoy. You can include information on the country. You might want to set up tablets or phones so the kids can learn to say please or thank you for the countries’ food you represent. 

You can also engage attendees in preparing the international fare.

6. Olympic Food – Healthy

If you have guests that are athletes, make sure you include healthy options for the party. If your child plays on a specific team- soccer, volleyball, etc you can set up a small game.

Be sure to be conscious of there are attendees that don’t play on the same team and include them. Everyone needs a referee or line judge. Also, create the teams to ensure a relatively even playing field.

7. Summer Games Fun

If your party is in the warmer months, consider Summer Game themed activities. Beach volleyball and swimming are always great summer party activities. You could also incorporate lessons to expose party goers to a new sport.  A group tennis lesson with fun facts on some of the Olympic Tennis players.

If you have budding gymnasts many studios host parties where attendees can safely explore the sport.

You may want to also include themed water bottle or hydration drinks to prevent dehydration issues.

8. Winter Games Fun

Winter games can be fun, and make the party easy for you if you have a smaller house. Host a party at the local ice rink or sledding/tubing hill. You don’t have to clean up and often the site will take care of some of the decorations.

Consider Olympic themed beanies or gloves to keep guests warm during the event.

9. Closing Ceremony

A closing event at any party is great because it sets an ending. Often times parties, no matter the atendees, can drag on. Setting up a large closing ceremony can prevent the never-ending party experience.

You can use this time to unwrap presents or hand out party favors. Depending on the age of your guests, use part of the “closing ceremony” as a scavenger hunt to find their various clothes or items that might have been scattered during the party.

10. Olympic Themed Party Favors

Consider going all out and creating awards for each party guest. These can be a 3d laser award or Olympic Gear. You can always choose gear from the most recent game, but you may want to consider gear from various previous games to add to the excitement of the party favor.

Regardless of your choice, just make sure there is one for everyone in attendance.

There are many fun, engaging and inexpensive ways to include an Olympic theme into a child’s party, regardless of their age. You are only limited by your imagination.

Are Your Ideas Bigger than Your Home or Budget?

If they are, you are an Urban Housewife like me. I love my tiny, urban-dwelling, even though it is often difficult to work within such a small space. Follow me as I tackle the most amazing Olympic parties ideas for kids and decorating the guest bedroom I don’t have.