2019 Fall Shoes for Women: The 7 Hottest Trends Now

2019 Fall Shoes for Women: The 7 Hottest Trends Now

Summer has come and gone and the leaves are beginning to change colors as they fall to the ground. But with the change of the seasons comes a change in your wardrobe. That’s right, it’s time to start shopping around for the hottest fall trends!

And although you’re going to have plenty of fun picking out new coats, leggings, and jackets, you can’t forget to grab yourself a couple of new pairs of fall shoes! Sure, your brand new flip flops are to die for, but do they really go that well with that new blazer you just picked out? They most likely don’t.

With that being said, you’re going to need to start looking around for the latest fall shoe trends of 2019. We understand that this can get a bit overwhelming, so to help you out, we’ve done the research for you. Below is a list of 7 fall shoe trends that you won’t want to miss out on.

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1. Slouchy Heel Boots

Slouchy heel boots were once a thing of the past. They were quite popular in the 2000s. However, they’re back and better than ever before.

Some of the top name brands including Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant sent these trendy boots down the runways this year. They’re a great way to keep your feet warm while bringing in a mix of casual wear with elegance. Match these beauties with a nice pair of skinny jeans, and you’ve got fall in the bag!

2. Slingback Leather Shoes

Closed-toe leather shoes with a slingback are all the fab. To top off this look, runways have been showing off these shoes with creative and unique heels. Luckily, these stunning shoes aren’t only available by designer brands.

Many different brands have picked up on the look, and you can find them just about anywhere. Try to grab yourself a pair with a glass globe for a heel or anything else that screams character. And for a more elegant look, you can opt for a square toe.

3. The Galway

Now, some people like to have full-size boots during the fall months. Depending on where you live, fall might come with some pretty cold weather. If you live where it gets cold during the fall months, then the Galway might be a perfect option for your fall shoe collection.

This boot is not only practical, but it’s also stylish. Its style is aimed more towards the country lifestyle. And it’s the perfect accessory for when riding horses, walking through the mud, and other country activities.

However, as you know, country boots aren’t only appropriate for those women living on the farm. Country boots are a trending style that can be worn by anyone! Read more here on the Galway and other trendy fall items.

4. Caged Sandals with Heel

The caged sandal with heel is a sandal that has a cage-like pattern on the top of the shoe. This is what holds your foot inside the sandal as if it were, in fact, inside a cage. The toe is opened as well as the back, and it’s all tied together with a short chunky heel.

This sandal is a great fall item, especially when chosen in a fun fall color like key lime. Match these fall sandals with a long pencil skirt or loose fabric flare pants.

5. Western Boot with Pointed Toe

For those who like a boot with a bit more western flair, the western boot with pointed toe is a must-have. Western boots have become more and more popular in the past couple of seasons. And now, they’re one of the most popular trends walking across the runways.

Find yourself a pair with a snake-skin appearance and they’ll match perfectly with a floral dress while transitioning from summer outfits to fall ones. Once you’re deep into the fall season, you can choose to match these western boots with a good pair of jeans!

6. Sandals with Ankle Wraps

If you want to allow your toes to breathe for a bit longer before the crisp chill of winter comes, then consider wearing a pair of sandals with ankle wraps. Ankle wrap sandals really took over the show on the 2019 runways. For a great fall shoe, be sure to go with a nude color, which will look stunning with any fall outfit you wear.

These sandals look best with a tall thin heel and open toe. The straps then wrap up and around the ankle for a stunning effect.

7. Nike Air Max 95 Premium

You didn’t think that we’d only focus on boots and sandals for fall did you? If so, then think again. For all you sneakerheads out there, we have the perfect fall sneaker.

The Nike Air Max 95 Premium is a bulky sneaker, which has been quite a trend lately. They’re cozy, which is ideal for the fall and they come in awesome colors such as a light pink shade. These shoes are the best way to add interest to some of your most simplistic fall outfits.

You Must Try on These Fall Shoes Today!

If you haven’t already begun your fall shopping, then it’s time to start. Don’t get too caught up in buying clothing items that you forget to buy yourself a couple of new pairs of fall shoes!

Keep this guide in mind when shopping around and find styles that are similar to these. Doing so will ensure that you have the perfect complete fall ensemble!

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