Renovating A Kitchen on a Budget: 4 Ways to Save

Renovating A Kitchen on a Budget: 4 Ways to Save

Renovating A Kitchen on a Budget is far from an impossibility...

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It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but when that heart grows cramped and outdated, it can affect everything from the quality of your family’s meals to how you entertain friends and family. If it is past time for a kitchen makeover at your home but the household budget demands frugality, there are several ways you can still create the kitchen of your dreams. From cutting costs for tile flooring to using budgeting apps, renovating a kitchen on a budget can be an easier task than you might suspect. Here are four ways you can save your hard earned money:
1.     Set Your Priorities 
When it comes to a kitchen renovation, there’s a good chance that you have more ideas than available cash, so it is important to set a list of priorities before you begin the actual remodel. To do so, consider which aspects of your kitchen need the most work and which are most important to you. Realizing which projects take most priority will allow you to set a solid budget and avoid regret later on.
2.     Create a Budget Spreadsheet 
One of the main reasons that a kitchen renovation budget rapidly spins out of control is because homeowners fail to track daily expenses. However, creating a renovation spreadsheet before you begin will allow you to keep real-time records of how much money is in your budget, how much you spend daily, and allow you to add or subtract expenses as the work is completed. Remember to reconcile your spreadsheet budget daily to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises in your next bank statement. If you enjoy using smartphone apps instead of a spreadsheet, Apple offers a free renovation budget tracking app on iTunes.
3.     Shop Around 
While you are probably eager to begin your kitchen renovation, your chances of saving money and staying within your budget may increase if you take the time to shop around before you choose new items for your kitchen. For example, you can save with new kitchen counters that include the price of the materials and installation all in one bundle instead of paying for each individually if you take the time to find a professional installation company that offers such deals.  
Taking the time to shop around may yield surprising savings. Some installation companies offer seasonal sales or increase items for clearance before new styles can be unveiled. Unless a renovation must begin right away due to collapsing cabinets or outdated large appliances that pose a risk of fire or other dangers, planning your renovation months in advance may help you increase the amount of money you are able to spend.
4.     Avoid Add Ons 
While you might be tempted to add on custom features to your new kitchen cabinets or flooring, choosing too many may put you over budget quickly, and this is especially true if you start to add on extras while you are still in the midst of renovation and then discover you need money for unexpected expenses. While those extras may look lovely, they may end up costing you more than you ever dreamed if one of your priority features suddenly needs a bigger budget.
Even the tightest of household budgets can allow for a kitchen renovation when it is carefully planned and the expenses tracked. From new kitchen counters to gleaming tile floors and even a new dishwasher, these four handy tips for renovating your kitchen on a budget can help get you started on making the old heart of your home new again.

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