Know-How to Fix You Leaky Gut

Know-How to Fix You Leaky Gut

Have you been feeling unwell or listless recently? Are there any unexplained health issues that you’ve been grappling with? In all probability, the sluggishness and feeling of being unwell are because of your leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability. Contrary to what most people believe, gut health is an important part of being healthy and active.

Here, we help you understand the significance of a leaky gut and how it impacts your digestive and overall health. You’ll also gain awareness about effective methods of treating this syndrome which has become a much-talked-about phenomenon in health circles worldwide.

What do Health Practitioners Think about Leaky Gut?

Most medical professionals are still sitting on the fence with respect to the reality of this condition. The practitioners of alternative and natural health remedies have another story to tell. They believe that the existence of a poor or a leaky gut can lead to several chronic and acute health problems. They give a lot of credence to the theory of leaky gut syndromethat can cause an unsettling feeling in you. Along with impacting the immune and digestive system gut health has an important role to play in your overall energy levels.

Resolving the Problems of a Leaky Gut

Generally speaking, it is difficult to find medical tests and treatment procedures for taking care of the signs and symptoms of a leaky gut. This is in the face of a spate of health issues being attributed to this digestive condition. For instance, the incidence of autoimmune diseases is incapable of being resolved without taking care of the gaps in the walls of the intestines.

An increase in the permeability of these gaps can allow harmful substances to pass into the bloodstream. You can go through this article understand how toxins, germs, bacteria, yeast, and several other damaging substances enter the bloodstream, through a leaky gut lining to cause different types of problems. Fortunately, there are some proven means of keeping these agonizing signs and symptoms of the leaky gut at bay. Given below are certain effective treatment methods to begin with.

Keep a record of all that you eat

It is uncommon for people to chronicle all that they eat across the day. Do you have a food diary that you maintain every day? If yes, do keep at it. If no, then it’s time to create records of the food materials consumed by you to understand what’s triggering off the problems related to the leaky gut syndrome. Along with recording the type of food intake and its quantity, you may want to track your weight and mood swings impacting food cravings. The smallest note can provide clues to what you may be feeling in terms of your deteriorating health.

Keeping a food diary gives a fair idea of what food you’re consuming on a daily basis and the reactions pertaining to their intake. For instance, the proponents of leaky gut syndrome believe that gluten intolerance leads to the triggering off of a particular protein that increases the gaps in intestinal walls to cause a leaky gut. If gluten proves to be the culprit then you may consider cutting down on the intake of wheat and other food grains with high gluten levels.

Make gradual changes in food patterns

Eliminating different types of food from your diet is often recommended by those providing treatment for your leaky gut. However, this may not serve as the right way forward. You will end up being harsh upon yourself. Your regular digestive system may be introduced to new or complicated factors that’ll get added to the equation. In turn, you may find it even more difficult to decipher what’s going wrong with your gut. To avoid this, introduce the recommended dietary changes but in a slow and gradual manner. Try to imbibe one habit at a time and see the results. If your leaky gut conditions reduce or disappear totally then make sure that you do not switch the control back to the old habit. Positive but singular changes to your lifestyle or diet will help you understand the impact of what you’re planning in a better way.

Begin with nutritional supplements

If you are desirous to introduce dietary changes and isolate certain food items then it’s important to add supplements to your routine. Do not try to make too many changes together as the act may misfire and affect your health adversely. By adding one supplement at a time, you can gain a fair understanding of the effects on your leaky gut. The removal of any food item should be supplemented with other food that can take its place fittingly.

Salt consumption of good quality only

Did you know that there is a mucous lining present on the surface of your gut? This mucus lining comprises of one percent salt and 95 percent of water. The remaining four percent is formed from several other substances combined. Given the importance of salt in the formation of the healthy mucus lining, remember to purchase good quality salt only. This will keep the lining in good order, which in turn will protect the gut and the gaps in the lining. Poor gut lining can lead to a leaky gut. Therefore, it is important to intake good quality salt to retain the health of the mucous lining. Try cleaner salts, rather than the normal table salts, for this purpose. You may want to purchase salt with fewer additives, like canning, kosher salt, pickling salt, sea salt for bringing positive improvement to your leaky gut.

Way Forward

As evident by now, treating your leaky gut is largely dependent on what you consume. The idea is to consume good carbs rather than fanciful or over-expensive nutritional supplements. Get in touch with your nutritionist or preferred health practitioner to understand which carbs and food ingredients are helpful for your gut. Besides, you may seek recommendations for the right oils and fats that are best for your gut health, Proper meal planning, detoxification, care for nutritional deficiencies, and periodical fasting are proven methods of getting your gut back in order.

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