How Work at Home Moms Can Have High Productivity and Good Health

How Work at Home Moms Can Have High Productivity and Good Health

It seems like only a short time ago there were conversations about our work lives diminishing and our leisure time consuming the largest part of our lives. We were told that we would have so much extra time, that filling it meaningfully would be our biggest challenge. Needless to say, this has not come to pass for the majority of us and in fact, we have all come to accept that work will consume a large and increasing part of our lives.

Work has positive attributes, but by its nature, is also a challenge. It demands unhealthy levels of focus, causes stress and often occurs in environments that are difficult for us to navigate. For these reasons, work can cause us to lose our good health.

For moms who continue to work, doing it from home can be a great option. It allows you to spend time with the kids and to have a more relaxed approach to the job. But you have to be careful about how you set things up at home to make sure that it is conducive to your productivity and good health. Here is a short list of things a mom working from home can do to keep herself healthy and productive as you juggle two jobs

Adopt a Mindfulness Perspective

Mindfulness is a thought strategy where you are constantly aware of living in the moment. We often dwell on past issues or coming challenges and are not conscious of what is happening right now. As a result we can become stressed easily and not are able to fully engage with things that are right in front of us. As a result our productivity lags and we find ourselves challenged to meet our goals. This causes stress that can lead to negative health consequences.

There are lots of mindfulness techniques that can help you to stay focused on the present and on those things in front of you. Do a quick online search to see which ones appeal to you. Mindfulness can help you function better, reduce stress, help when you are away from the job and want to forget about work.

Create the Right Work Environment

Your work environment directly influences your mood and productivity. In fact, 65% of the people asked in a survey conducted by UK based Furniture at Work, said the color of their office furniture affects their motivation. A full 43% said they associate the colour blue with relaxation, while 21% said green and 13% said purple, So when you create your work space at home, create an environment that supports your work efforts and not one that works against it.

Colors and shapes of furniture are important and so is the actual layout of your office. Include plants and greenery to make things more casual. Also, because you will often be pressed for time, make sure your work space is easy to get into and out of, your chair and desk is ergonomic, and all of your important documents and work items are easy to find and within reach.

Thankfully today the top workplace furniture providers like UK based are aware of this dynamic. They provide furniture that is high quality yet affordable, and that supports your productivity and good health.

Engage in an Exercise Program

In addition to exercise being the best thing that you can do for your physical body, you also get other major benefits with your stronger muscles. When you exercise regularly, you become more alert and efficient. You also become more able to deal with stressful situations.

You should start an exercise program, particularly if you are sitting for long periods. Be sure to include stretching in your regimen in order to avoid sore muscles from sitting. When you start, you will notice an almost immediate increase in your productivity and mood. You will feel better and look better too.

A big issue when working from home is time management. Working around kids can be challenging so there is a real need for you to be organized and consistent. Take advantage of the tips included here, and you will not miss a step.