Why You Should Consider Formula From Birth For Your Newborn

Why You Should Consider Formula From Birth For Your Newborn


Early infant care comes with a wide variety of anxieties and apprehensions. Many debates exist as to what is the best way to raise a baby and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps nowhere is this uncertainty more magnified than in the debate over whether to feed your baby formula from birth or whether breast is indeed best.

The breastfeeding debate is contentious, however, and as the debate on this topic rages, it is important to separate medical science from cultural opinions. No new mother needs to feel guilty regardless of what she decides. While both breastfeeding and formula feeding are healthy choices for your baby, formula feeding your newborn comes with many added advantages. It is ultimately up to you regarding which path you will choose.

Keep reading for more information as to why formula from birth is a solid choice for your newborn.

Formula Has What Breastmilk Does Not

While breastmilk is often believed to contain immunity-boosting substances that are beneficial for newborns, there are actually some nutrients that formula contains that breastmilk does not. For example, formula has vitamin D which is lacking in breastmilk. Look for formulas that come complete with DHA fatty acid, as this promotes brain development and is not found in all commercial formula recipes.

Some formulas are even designed to cater to newborns with specific ailments. For example, there are special formulas for low-birth-weight and premature babies. These typically have a greater amount of calories to promote growth. If you are into more natural sources of food, there are also plenty of formula recipes that are certified organic. However, some babies might be allergic to formula so be sure to monitor your child after feeding to watch for potential warning signs.

Formula Helps With Many Conditions

Every child and every mother are different. There are numerous reasons why it might not be feasible to breastfeed and this is where formula should be the natural choice for newborns. For example, you may have a child with a poor sucking reflex or perhaps it is painful to breastfeed. In these cases, you should certainly consider using formula to ease the burden on either child or mother and to ensure that the newborn’s nutrition is adequate despite these conditions.

In fact, there could be a variety of other personal reasons as to why formula might be the right choice for your newborn. You may even simply make the personal decision not to breastfeed your child in order to more easily rebalance your life and take it easy on your body following your pregnancy.

Formula Feeding Can Lead To More Equal Parenting

If you are seeking to raise your child in an equal way with your partner, then using formula from birth might be a good idea. Without breastfeeding, you set up the parent-child relationship to more closely resemble a situation where there is no primary parent. Either parent is naturally and equally able to feed with formula. Over time, and in combination with some other intentional methods, this can lead to a more balanced family dynamic.

Formula From Birth Should Be A Serious Consideration For Your Newborn

We have only touched on some of the main benefits of using formula from birth for your newborn. Whether you decide to formula feed your newborn or not, make sure that your family doctor verifies that your baby is receiving all proper nutrition and is growing healthily. Make sure that you are using a formula which features a high-level of nutrition and includes everything your child needs.