Why is Digital Asset Management so important?

Why is Digital Asset Management so important?

As your organization begins to grow, so does the demand for your digital storage system, your digital infrastructure and your marketing strategy. During this exciting time, your digital assets will also begin to expand and various departments within your company will need to utilize them for marketing purposes, to build on your company identity and to ultimately push your business forward.

Worryingly, as you begin to handle more and more digital files and resources, it can quickly become difficult to maintain control of them. This is where Digital Asset Management comes in. Using a Digital Asset Management tool can streamline your workload and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Here we’ll explore some other reasons why Digital Asset Management is so important. 

Workplace efficiency

When tasks take longer than they should, the efficiency of your workflow is severely impacted. It also causes a domino effect throughout other departments, leading to a bottleneck of problems and ultimately, diminishing the overall experience of the customer. This is where Digital Asset Management can really make a difference. When you store all your files, resources and digital assets in one easy to manage place, you increase efficiency throughout your design, marketing and sales teams. Your colleagues can find the resources they need with just a few clicks, rather than spending too much precious time looking for them. The more time your team can spend focusing on their priority tasks rather than on menial errands, the stronger their output will be. 

Brand consistency

Strong brand consistency creates brand recognition. You want the business, the logo and the message of your business to be instantly recognized by your target audience. You want to create a reputation for excellence and quality services, as it’s the only way the business will grow. A strong marketing campaign will help push the business forward, however, without brand consistency, your efforts and time will be wasted. 

As businesses grow and their digital assets multiply, they may find it difficult to manage all their resources effectively, which in turn can lead to issues with brand identity, mistakes in design, incorrect uploads and inconsistencies across their platforms. DAM software can help you keep your brand consistent across all your marketing materials. Using an intricate but user-friendly storage system your teams will always have access to the latest approved versions of your logos, color palettes, photos and other designs.

And finally, user permissions keep your assets secure

Your organization prides itself on its communication and getting tasks done efficiently and accurately, first time. Great news for your output levels, however when digital assets are being sent across various channels and to numerous employees, it’s difficult to keep track of who has access to what. This increases the risk of a security issue occurring, something which could be devastating to the business. DAM software hands complete access control over to you, allowing you to set up user permissions for certain assets and various access levels to certain files and databases. These strict guidelines mean you have complete control over your digital assets, giving you peace of mind.