5 Amazing Benefits of Baby Swaddling You Need to Know

5 Amazing Benefits of Baby Swaddling You Need to Know

Baby swaddling is a common practice that has existed for centuries since 4000 BC and it has many benefits for your baby. Many studies reveal that it makes your baby sleep longer and have stable heartbeat rates.

When done correctly, baby swaddling is key to calming and comforting your baby. Here are 5 amazing benefits of baby swaddling you need to know;

1. Mimics the Womb

Transitioning from the womb environment to the world for your newly born baby is challenging. Wondering why? Because your baby just finds itself in a cold and bright environment from a warm and cozy environment.

But the good news is that swaddling recreates the cozy and secure womb feeling or environment. This favors your baby’s transition to the world environment and it gives your baby a golden chance to adapt quickly.

2. Mimics Your Touch to Your Child

Your touch is proven to have many neurological side effects on your baby. It sparks a self-soothing response in your baby’s brain, improves blood pressure, and heartbeat rate. Moreover, your touch is fundamental in your baby’s healthy development. Well, baby swaddling mimics your touch which allows your baby to have more restful and longer sleep with few disturbances.

Best of all, swaddled babies tend to sleep quickly and consistently through the nights. This means you will also have good sleep when your baby is in peaceful sleep. And your baby isn’t disturbing you with endless cries common at night in newly born.

3. Regulates Temperature

Baby swaddling helps in maintaining your baby’s optimal temperature. Using a high-quality baby swaddle efficiently manages your baby’s temperature and saves it from both coldness and overheating.

Furthermore, avoid double swaddling your baby because this might lead to overheating when it becomes too hot for your baby. And experts recommend maintaining the room temperature between 65 to 70 degrees for your baby’s comfort and safety.

4. Alleviates Colic 

Attending to a baby with colic is one of the difficult parenting experiences that some mothers go through. It’s so challenging because it makes you helpless in the ability to calm your crying baby. And it is said to be a result of a growing digestive system which makes it difficult for your baby to digest its food. This causes intense pain to your baby leading to inconsolable and prolonged crying. 

But baby swaddling has a great therapeutic and soothing effect on your colic affected baby. Wondering how? It applies light pressure to your baby’s belly which mimics the womb thus providing relief to your baby.

5. Makes Your Baby Happy

Swaddling soothes and settles your baby as it tends to trigger a relaxation mechanism in your baby. The comfort your baby enjoys while being wrapped up in a swaddle makes him or her feel at home and happier with a womb-like feeling.

Swaddle Your Baby

The best baby swaddle blanket plays the golden role of giving your baby enough comfort as you welcome him or her into this world. Embrace it and give your baby the best feeling as it starts its journey in your life.