What You Should Know about Male Strippers and Dancers for Bachelorette Parties – Hire a Male Stripper

What You Should Know about Male Strippers and Dancers for Bachelorette Parties – Hire a Male Stripper

The kind of bachelorette parties that are being organized today has become popular in the last few years. The ways to make an unforgettable “goodbye single life” party for a bride-to-be are numerous. These just depend on the organizer’s (godmother, sister or best friend) imagination in the realization of the bride’s ideas (godfather, sister, best friend), whether this night will be an extraordinary or total failure.

Striptease as a dance has a long history and tradition and, for a long time, it has stopped to be a taboo. Today, it’s a kind of art. And something that has become an indispensable part of the bachelorette party that will be remembered for a lifetime. Of course, only if the future bride wishes for her night to be a bit more “extravagant.” So it is essential to listen to what she wants and to try to lead the organization according to her wishes.

The job of strippers, or dancers, is the same as any other. You call them, arrange necessary details; he comes, performs his show, and that’s it. Although it sounds easy, for someone who has no experience in hiring a male stripper or dancer, there are some things to know.

Looking for a Stripper or Dancer

If you rely on movies, you would expect that strip clubs in some big city are everywhere, and that an ad for a professional stripper can be found in every local newspaper. Of course, the Internet is unavoidable as the source of information. However, shortly after the start of the search, you remain disappointed.

This job requires certain discretion. You can’t expect to see the ads for a male stripper on the billboards all over the city. So you need to be a little more persistent in your search. In most cases, you should look for authorized agencies, but there are also those who work independently. Depending on which man you decide, there are some rules.

Hiring within the Agency

Unless you know someone who would recommend you a male dancer or stripper, the agency is the safest choice if you are a “newbie” in this. Sometimes, by simply searching on the Internet, you can find what you are looking for, while sometimes it can be complicated.

You may not always find what you’re looking for if you type something like “hiring a stripper.” Therefore your search should be more versatile. Take a look at the offers of strip clubs, nightclubs with dancers, and escort agencies.

Look for experiences and recommendations on the websites dealing with it. Always limit your search locally, because it’s not feasible for a dancer to come from the other part of the state. Then, look at the “catalog,” that is, what agencies offer. If you have found a trusted agency, with good recommendations and feedbacks, it’s a small chance they’ll cheat on you.

“Your Place or Mine?”

Agree if the stripper will come to your address or you will rent a place in a strip club. Think about this if you have a limited budget. Going to the club can be a lot more expensive than a home-based bachelorette party.

Then arrange a payment, because in most cases one part of the agreed sum should be an advance. Before paying, whether in person or with the credit card, you should ask for a contract or some proof of payment, and therefore a guarantee that the striper will appear at the party.

As an authorized company, the agency must assign a contract with you. It should contain details like time, place, transportation, a rate per hour, tipping, how long the performance will last, what it includes, etc. Tipping can sometimes be a tricky part. Here you can read tips how to do that and not to be embarrassed. As we said, it’s a business like every other.

Finding a Stripper or Dancer in Ads

Depending on your quest, sometimes ads for professional dancers or strippers will pop up first in your search. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to mean it’s a scam. Some people just like to work incognito. However, if you want to hire someone in this way, you need to be more cautious.

First and foremost, do not pay anything in advance. Simply, it’s better for you to be punked by a stripper than to stay out of money. After the first contact, ask to meet with the guy, to arrange details face to face. Maybe it would be a good idea to take someone with you, someone who helps you with the organization.

Negotiate details such as transportation, music, how much freedom bride and bachelorette party guests will have (touching, lap dance, performing of full or partial nudity, etc.). Be sure to ask for a contact, in case your guy is late or some changes occur.

Inform Guest about Your Idea

The appearance of the stripper should be a surprise for the bride, but not for the guest. You have to inform them about how you organized the party and what they can expect there. If you know that some of them will be uncomfortable with the half-naked (or completely naked) unknown guy, you must also consider this when negotiating with the performer. If you find out which ladies do not support your idea, this site majestymalestrippers.com suggests you to tell that to a dancer (stripper) in a subtle way. Every professional will know how to solve this situation.

It’s the same situation if you know how some guests behave under the influence of alcohol. As you want to spare them from an unpleasant situation, you should do the same for the guy who will come. If you doubt that some ladies will be too pushy or rude, it may be best to limit alcohol during the time of the show. Girls will definitely have something to entertain them, without any awkward situation.

The rule is that the costs of organizing the bachelorette party are divided into equal parts between the guests. Since each of them participates in the budget, it’s good to listen to their suggestions. Maybe some of them will come up with a better idea than yours. In the end, the most important thing is that the bride is happy and that this party will be something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.