Ways you can spruce up your bedroom for free 

Ways you can spruce up your bedroom for free 

Maybe it’s time you treated your bedroom to a makeover, but you just can’t bring yourself to pay out an extortionate amount on a brand-new interior. There are ways you can freshen up your bedroom and make use of its space without spending a penny! Here’s a few tips, after all who wouldn’t want to make their home look beautiful for free?

If you’re creative, then designing and making your own headboard is really enjoyable and free way of incorporating your style into your bedroom. You can go down the wooden route, the upholstery or even metal depending on how daring you’re feeling. Wooden headboards are popular as ever, with many homeowners using left over wooden flooring to create them. Versatile and goes with everything, this will complement any interior charmingly! 

We’d always recommend introducing a rug into your bedroom, as not only does it help with insulation but adds warmth and comfort into your room – as after all the bedroom needs to be the ultimate relaxing and contented room! Again, if you’re arty, then why not have a go at making your own rug? Rag rugs are a fantastic idea, free or very inexpensive and a great project for you! The best thing is you can make it as colourful or as plain as you like – it’s totally up to you! Use the dark winter nights as an opportunity to get creative and make something that’s really going to add to your room. 

Displaying pictures on the wall is another fantastic way of personalising your bedroom and adding individuality, colour and atmosphere. You don’t even need to use frames, arranging them in shapes and patterns is always a great success. 

Fairy lights…we love them! They’re so cheap and give your room and instant lift and cosiness. Once more they come in dozens of colours from calming blue to dazzling white as well as different shapes and sizes. Why wouldn’t you?

This might sound obvious but rearranging your furniture can make your bedroom feel like a completely different place. We all get bored of our surroundings and need to spice things up sometimes, you might find out you’ve got more space than you thought with your new arrangement!

Declutter! It’s a well-known fact that too much clutter in any room can make it feel outdated, too busy and messy – a nightmare for the organised amongst us! Remove ornaments that take up valuable surface space, clear our your out of season clothes and ones that don’t fit. It works with furniture too, then you’ll have more space to fling your gym back and dirty washing, things that always seem to get in the way!

Wall hangings, they’re really in right now! If you’re a fan of a room full of character, then these are perfect. They cost next to nothing and usually cover a large space. The best thing you only need one, an instant way of decorating your bedroom and giving it extra charisma.